Making Adjustments Part 1

I’ve been so excited about the prospect of a new school year starting, and the kids have been giving me plenty of things to write about in the weeks leading up to school, but things have been so hectic around here that I never found the chance to write any of it down.

Back on the 8th the kids got to go to Open House at the school and finally meet their teachers.  I was a bit nervous going into this year’s Open House because of Cameron.  We know that he is a sweet, loving, wonderful child.  But he does have that teeny, tiny, little stubborn streak that has a tendency to come out at the worst possible times.  My fear was that he would become obstinate about the time that we went to meet his teacher, and that she would get a distorted first impression of him, clouding her opinion of him all year long.

Thankfully, a promise of ice cream was enough to convince him to be on his best behavior.  We went down to Brendan’s classroom first, thinking that watching Brendan in action might help Cameron remember what he needed to do when we got upstairs to the Kindergarten classroom.

Brendan wasn’t a very good model unfortunately.  We were the first ones to arrive in the 4th grade classroom and Brendan must have been feeling shy.  He just stood there looking around at first.  I had to lead him around to the different parts of the room, and convince him to talk to his teacher.  When it became apparent that he wasn’t going to relax, and we’d done all we were supposed to in his classroom, we moved on.

Before we headed back up the steps to head to the Kindergarten classrooms we made one more stop.  We took Brendan down to his 3rd grade classroom so he could say hello to his old teacher.  He was so funny about it.  When I suggested we go see her, he was totally on board with the idea.  Then I elaborated and said he could take the opportunity to give her all the hugs he hadn’t been able to give her over the summer because she’d probably missed them.  He looked at me blankly and said, “Isn’t that why we gave her the hug mug?”  Regardless of thinking that she wouldn’t have missed his hugs, he practically ran across the room when he saw her.

We finally made our way up to the Kindergarten classrooms and Cameron was an angel.  He introduced himself to the boys who sat on either side of him, and to his teacher.  He helped me put away all of his school supplies, and looked around his classroom.  It felt like we didn’t spend as long in his classroom, and maybe we didn’t.  All 5 of us were keen to get out of there because since there are three classrooms hooked together there were a whole lot of people in there making it extremely hot.

Once we left the classroom, Matt took Brendan and Kaylee back toward the car.  I kept Cameron with me and led him back to the front door.  Once there I had him lead me back to his classroom.  It’s something we did with Brendan for the first few years to ensure they could find their way back to their classrooms on the first day.  Cameron seemed a bit turned around at first, but as soon as he found the water fountain he was back on track.

Ah yes, the water fountain.  All elementary schools have water fountains scattered throughout their halls, and ours does as well.  I never really realized just how many our school has because I’ve never paid attention.  But on the night of Open House I became painfully aware of how many there are because Cameron is unable to pass by a water fountain without stopping to take a drink from it.  It’s not just at school either, everywhere we go he stops at every single water fountain we find.

And so it was at the Open House.  We went downstairs to Brendan’s classroom and passed a water fountain.  We went to his third grade classroom and passed another.  We went upstairs to the Kindergarten classroom and passed another.  We went out to the front doors and passed another.  We came back down the hall and passed the same one again.  And by passed, I mean stopped at and took a drink.

One last drink as we walked down the hall and to the front doors to leave.  The principal was standing at the front doors greeting parents as they arrived.  Cameron asked me who that person was and I explained who she was and what a principal did.  After asking me if she was mean (I told him as long as he was good she would be extremely nice) he wanted to introduce himself to her.

When she had a break between parents we walked up and he stuck out his left hand (turned backward) to shake hands and told her his name.  It was the cutest thing I’d ever witnessed.  When Cameron tries he has got some really nice manners.  I just wish sometimes that he would try like that more frequently.

Cameron and I finally headed back to the car to meet Matt and the other kids.  We’d survived Open House and would head from there to get them ice cream since they’d all done so well.  There were only 3 days left until school was set to start, but that’s another story for another day.


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