Another Year Gone

In just under a week my baby girl will be turning 3 years old.  It’s hard for me to believe.  This past year has gone by so fast.  It seems like just yesterday I was writing in this very blog about her upcoming 2nd birthday (The Accident…part 3 and Birthday Black and Blues)  Not that that was a terribly fun experience to write about.  Kaylee fell down a few days before her birthday and ended up with a giant bruise and knot on her temple.

Kaylee bruise

Things couldn’t be different this year.  Well mostly.  Kaylee has recently had a rash of run in’s with the sidewalk (Sidewalk 4; Kaylee 0) Thankfully this time her injuries are nothing more serious than a scraped knee.  The difference is really with Kaylee herself.  Last year she was really into Dora the Explorer and this year she couldn’t care less about Dora.

This year her big interest is The Backyardigans, so that’s what we based her party theme on.  Matt’s sister owns a cookie shop and they are putting together a couple of giant birthday cookies with the Backyardigans on them.  I also found a website that sells Backyardigan birthday decorations (really cheap too, since the show isn’t popular any more).  We also managed to find a couple of large Backyardigan stuffed animals online.  Brendan has had the large stuffed Pablo for years, Matt found it while travelling on business one time.  Now we will also have a large Uniqua and Tyrone.

Another difference between last year and this year is the location of the party.  When the kids are really little we usually have the party at an Italian restaurant.  This year we decided Kaylee is old enough to not do it there (she’s not going to want to sit still through her party) but not yet old enough to invite friends to her party.  She knows three kids about her same age, but they’re all boys and all younger than her.  So on the whole we thought we’d wait until next year to let her have friends over for her birthday.  The party will be taking place at our house instead.  It’s definitely been a challenge to get the house ready for the party with Kaylee underfoot, but I am hoping things go smoothly this week.

12-19-12 268The final change is with Kaylee herself.  Last year she was the ultimate princess.  At her birthday party she had a new party dress, sparkly shoes, and a crown.  This year she insists that she is not a princess (and if you call her one believe me she will correct you).  This year she identifies herself as a minja.  She and the boys love Ninjago which is a cartoon about Lego Ninjas trying to save the world.  I did at least talk her into getting a new dress for the occasion but I’m sure she’ll tell everyone at the party that she’s a minja.

Overall, the party should be a lot of fun, but right now I’m just ready for it to get here and be done.


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