Minja Warrior

Lately, I have been finding it more and more difficult to find time to sit down and write during the day.  The average blog post usually takes me about an hour to compose, and even with the two boys at school I’ve still got an active almost 3 year old running around and a lot of things I’m responsible for getting accomplished during the day.  So recently I’ve started getting up in the morning with Matt’s alarm and spending the hour before the kids get up writing.

Despite Matt’s alarm going off at 5:30, it’s usually 6:00 before I’m sufficiently awake and have my computer booted up.  I keep a note pad of blog topics, so I generally know what topic I’m going to write about before the day even begins.  I’ll write pretty solidly from 6:00 to 6:45.  At that point, it’s time to get Brendan out of bed and into the shower.  One of two things happens with the blog.  I’m either no where near finished, at which point I save the draft and shut down the computer for the morning.  Or I’m really close to being finished, meaning I leave the window up on my screen, get Brendan up, and come back to finish my thought while he takes his shower.

Tuesday was one of the almost finished days.  After getting Brendan up and heading for the shower I went back into my bedroom and picked up the computer to continue writing.  When I write I tend to get into a zone and little else really registers with me.  What I did register that day, as I was working on the final few sentences of that blog were that Brendan’s shower had turned off, meaning I had only a minute or two before I needed to go change his splint and get Cameron into the shower; and that Kaylee had gotten up and was playing with toys in my room.

As I registered that second thought, a bit of what she was saying penetrated my fog.  I quickly pulled up a blank window and typed out what she was saying because it was so darling I didn’t want to forget it.  Here is what she was saying:

“I’m too big to fit under there.  We aren’t we’re minjas.  Kai, where’s jay?  I don’t know, where is he?  Mommy, me and the minja’s want to play in here.  Is that okay.”

Realizing that last question was directed toward me, I stopped writing and told her it was okay to play in my bedroom.  She began to play again, but before she’d really gotten started she stopped, looked to me again and said, “Where?”  I told her she could play anywhere she wanted in my room, and she responded, “But not under the bed.  I don’t fit under there.  The minja’s do though.  We want to play with the green minja, but where is he?”  It was at this point that Brendan came to my room wrapped in a towel, meaning I really had to stop listening to her play and get a move on in my morning routine.

The “minja’s Kaylee was referring to are these teeny tiny little plastic things that Cameron picked out as a prize with his 1000 tickets at his birthday party.  Being so small they were pretty much scattered to the three winds the moment he got them home, but every few days two or three will resurface and either Cameron or Kaylee will have a blast playing with them.


Kaylee likes to pretend they are the ninja’s from Ninjago which is currently my children’s most  requested cartoon.  Even though there are only 13 episodes in season one, and even though they’ve watched those 13 episodes a million bajillion times they still love to watch it over and over.  (thankfully they’re getting season two for Christmas, though I will admit that I’ve been tempted to dig the thing out and give it to them now just so they have new episodes to watch)

Cameron takes a different tactic with them.  I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen him play with them.  Generally when I see Cameron with them he’s carrying them around from place to place.  In fact, for a while there we actually knew where 5 or 6 of the ninjas were at the same time.  Cameron had gone to his little girl friends birthday party back in May.  He wasn’t the only boy there, but it was definitely a girl heavy party.  The mom bought all of the things for the treat bags in bulk which meant that the boys got the same things as the girls.  Most of the stuff had Hello Kitty on it which didn’t bother Cameron (all of my kids love Hello Kitty for some reason).

But along with all the Hello Kitty stuff was a tiny little coin purse.  Now the mom tried hard to manly the coin purse up as she could for the boys.  The ones they got were white with glitter sparkles instead of pink or purple with glitter sparkles.  Cameron was not digging on the coin purse at first.  He handed it to me with a look of distaste on his face.  Trying to spare the mom’s feelings (we were still at the party and she was apologizing for the girly nature of the treat bag) I told Cameron the coin purse would be a great ninja carrier.

At that, he perked right up and the first thing he did at home was collect as many ninjas as he could find and stuff them into his coin purse.  I have to admit that I was right about one thing, the coin purse was really the ultimate ninja carrier.  It seemed like no matter how many of his ninjas Cameron found they would fit easily into the coin purse.  It was like a tiny little clown car for his ninjas.

The only down side was how he referred to it.  I had called it a ninja carrier, but Cameron had only heard it’s original function and therefore started referring to it as his purse.  For months it was no unusual to have Cameron walk up to either Matt or I and ask if we knew where his purse was.  Matt was not overly enthusiastic about his son carrying a purse, but even he had to admit that it helped us to keep track of the many ninja.

Sadly, Cameron’s purse recently met it’s demise.  Kaylee, being a little too enthusiastic about retrieving the ninjas one day ripped it open beyond the small zipper.  Cameron was still able to limp along with his purse for a few more days, at least until he himself managed to break the zipper.  At that point his purse was retired and we went back to having ninjas scattered to the winds throughout the house.


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