It’s the Great Pumpkin

On Wednesday Matt and I took the kids on our yearly trek to the pumpkin patch.  It was one of those things that at the last minute we decided to do, packed them up and went.  Now, those who know me know that I’m not a spontaneous type person.  And despite the appearance of spontaneity this trip to the pumpkin patch was actually planned out…well sort of.

I admit, we love taking our kids to the pumpkin patch and haven’t missed a single year since Brendan was born (and that includes the year Kaylee was born.  We went within a week of having her).  But we are somewhat fair weather fans when it comes to going.  Around here it’s a crap shoot what the weather is going to be like in October.  It can range from freezing cold and snowy, to mildly cold and rainy, to warm as a summer afternoon.

We don’t mind going to the pumpkin patch when it’s somewhat cold.  Some of the best times we’ve had there we were wrapped up in jackets and sweaters, our noses red with cold, warming our hands on a steaming cup of hot chocolate or apple cider.  If it’s too cold though you spend more time listening to the kids whine about how cold they are and end up having no fun at all.

The other problem with going when it’s only semi-cold is that is the time that it most often rains.  We absolutely refuse to go right after it has rained.  It’s just not worth it.  The pumpkin patch features dirt paths and a gravel parking lot.  When it rains it turns into a giant muddy bog.  It’s slippery, sloppy, and generally disgusting.

So because of this, Matt and I look at our calendar at the beginning of October and map out as many dates as we can as potential ones to head to the pumpkin patch.  That way we can watch the weather in the days leading up to our potential date and decide if it will be conducive to us taking the kids out to the pumpkin patch.

We originally hadn’t intended on going Wednesday, but when I realized that the kids would be out of school early, and that the weather would be 79 and sunny (adding in that it hadn’t rained in a week and a half) we decided to change our plans and go.  The kids had a great time.

Kaylee sunglassesKaylee was excited because we let her open one of her birthday presents early.  She’d dropped her old sunglasses at Target a few weeks before and we let her open her new pair up so she could wear them to the pumpkin patch.

Cameron lassoCameron cow

One of the things they had was a little wooden horse with a lasso attached.  There was a wooden cow a few feet away and kids could try and rope the cow.  Cameron sat on the horse and tried to lasso the cow three or four times before getting down, walking to the cow, putting the lasso around it’s horns, and declaring “I got it!!”

Brendan slideBy far, Brendan’s favorite activity was the slides.  His biggest disappointment was that there was a new giant slide ride this year.  It was twice as high as any of their previous slides and dumped out into the middle of the corn maze.  But by the time we got close enough to it, we’d been there for almost 3 hours, it was dinner time, and the little kids were starting to get cranky.

Kaylee cornKaylee couldn’t get enough of the sand box made of dried corn.  She spent at least 30 minutes digging, burying herself, and swimming through the stuff.  The boys got bored much more quickly and Matt took them off to do a couple other things before she was finally ready to move on.

Cameron scrapeCameron had a small run in with a steep slope and gravel.  Only one of my children could possibly fall down and scrape their elbow while standing perfectly still.  They might possibly get that trait from me….

Brendan hayJumping into the hay is always a big hit with the kids.  Though Brendan doesn’t so much jump as he does drop.

kids jailThe kids had a great time posing inside of an old style jail cell.  Too bad we didn’t notice the big sloppy mud puddle before they went in.  Getting them out without stepping in it was much more challenging.

Kaylee tractorKaylee sat on the tractor like she owned the thing.  Somehow I just can’t picture my little princess actually driving a tractor.  She looks too much like the type of girl that would have “people” to do that for her.

pumpkinsThe last thing we did before leaving the pumpkin patch was pick out our pumpkins.  Brendan had grown pumpkins in our garden over the summer, but unfortunately they rotted before we could carve them.  My kids have a tendency to pick pumpkins that match their size.  That’s Cameron’s on the left (the picture doesn’t show it but he picked out the knobbliest, wartiest, pumpkin we’d ever seen), Kaylee’s is in the center, and Brendan’s is on the right.  Brendan wanted the biggest pumpkin we could find.  When they put that thing on the scale at the cash register it weighed 48 pounds!!!

Overall, my kids had a great time visiting the pumpkin patch, and we’re all looking forward to doing it again next year.

kids bench


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