Marriage Proposal

Believe it or not, it’s finally been 4 weeks since we found out about the issues with Brendan’s finger.  After acting like the world was coming to an end the first night he had the splint on, he’s actually adjusted to the situation quite well.  He’s still able to get through his work at school just fine, his writing may not be as neat as it could be, but considering he can’t bend the tip of one finger, messy handwriting is more than acceptable.  He’s also having no trouble maneuvering his bow for his cello despite wailing that he wouldn’t be able to play it at all.  And so far there haven’t been any activities in gym class that he wasn’t able to participate in (they’re trying to be careful about having him catch a ball–but it’s really no worry, he can’t catch a ball to save his soul anyway.  Like mother, like son!!)

Monday afternoon the kids and I all piled into the car and headed to the doctor.  I’d brought along a hand held video game for each to keep them occupied in case we had to wait, which we did.  It wasn’t quite as bad as the day that we did Kaylee’s 3 year check up but still a pretty lengthy wait.  After the nurse had been to see us, and we were just waiting for the doctor to come in Cameron started in on a conversation that turned out to be quite hilarious.

He started out by asking me if he could become a wife when he grew up.  Evidently one of his little friends at school had told him that he wasn’t allowed to become a wife.  I explained that a wife referred to the woman in a relationship and a husband referred to a man, so Cameron could become a husband when he grew up if he wanted to.  At that point Brendan jumped in and wanted to clarify that boys could only marry girls.

Now I know they’re all a little young to really understand relationships, but as they see people in them every single day I know they’ve got the basics of it down.  And what my kids see day to day is boy/girl relationships.  However, Matt and I know some people who are not in what my kids would consider to be a “normal” relationship.  In fact, Cameron’s godmother is married to a wonderful woman and they’re quite happy together.

Not wanting to get into the nitty gritty of the thing however, I briefly explained that for the most part men married women and vice versa but that sometimes boys married boys or girls married girls and that was okay too.  The look on Brendan’s face was priceless.  He was so sure that he knew all the ins and outs of this whole relationship thing and here I was throwing a wrench into his understanding of the thing.  He kind of thought that boys shouldn’t be allowed to marry boys and I challenged him by asking why two people who love each other shouldn’t be allowed to be together.  He had some time to ponder what I’d said because Cameron had more to say on the subject.

He pipes up from where he was sitting on the floor playing video games and says. “well when I grow up I’m going to marry you mommy.”  My heart burst with love for my little scoundrel.  He can be such a trying child at times, but then something like that comes out of his mouth and I just can’t help but want to smother him with kisses.  I could have just let the situation go at that, but Brendan put his two cents worth in and told Cameron that he couldn’t marry me because I was already married.  Then glances up to make sure he, at least, had THAT part of relationships correct.

I smiled at them both, and confirmed Brendan’s statement.  Cameron scowled down at his video game, and asked why I couldn’t stop being married to daddy and marry him instead.  I explained that I married daddy because I love him very much and I didn’t want to stop being married to him, not even to marry Cameron.  Not deterred, Cameron plunged ahead.  “So then daddy can marry Brendan because they love each other and then you can marry me.”  Well, at least I know he was listening as I went through my whole spiel about who could marry whom.

Still trying to convince him that marrying me wasn’t a good idea without totally breaking his heart I tried to explain that even though daddy and I loved him and Brendan with all our hearts we really wanted to stay married to each other.  He looked a little dejected at this, then perked up again by saying, “well can I marry you after daddy dies then?”  I was speechless at this point.  I could not believe how much effort he was putting into trying to find a way to marry me.  Unable to come up with any more reasons why he couldn’t (beyond going into the whole incest thing–and I decided that was a conversation for a much later date) I agreed that we could get married once daddy died.

Now my only fear is that Cameron will be trying to find a way to get daddy out of the picture….


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