Here You Go

It’s taken me some time to adjust to having only Kaylee around during the day.  Even though I’m down to having only one child at home I’m actually getting less done.  At least when I had Cameron and Kaylee at home they would entertain each other for the most part, freeing me up to get some things accomplished.

Now, with just Kaylee here, she relies on me for all of her entertainment needs.  I’ll admit I’m not the perfect parent about it either, when I really need to get something done (like getting the house picked up for guests) I will put her in front of a cartoon or two just to keep her occupied and out from underfoot.  But for the most part she just follows me around during the day helping me do whatever it is I’m doing, and making sure she slows down the process as much as possible.

Tuesday morning I was working on a project on the living room floor.  Kaylee was of course right by my side, handing me whatever I needed and asking questions every other breath.  In the midst of all this, the phone rang.  It was my mom.  She was calling to ask me some questions about getting a plane ticket ordered so my grandma could come out for Christmas.  I sat down in our recliner and was doing the web research while I talked to her, and it wasn’t long before Kaylee climbed up into the chair with me.

That in itself was not unusual.  It seems that whenever someone is on the phone in our house it sends out a homing signal to the closest child or children who take that as a signal that it’s time to climb over whoever is on the phone.  Being focused on what I was doing I didn’t pay her much mind.  Especially since she was sitting so nicely and not trying to disturb what I was doing.  After a couple of minutes she got my attention though and handed me something.  It was small, hard, and appeared to be a crumb of some sort.

I took it without thinking.  I wasn’t really sure where the crumb had come from, and truthfully I really didn’t care too much.  I tossed it into the floor knowing that I needed to get the carpet vacuumed anyway, and that was most likely where the crumb had come from so why not just put it back there until I could get it cleaned up.  I went back to what I was doing and was soon interrupted a second time by Kaylee who was handing me another crumb.  I did the same thing with that as the first one, but was beginning to wonder (in the back of my mind) where these things were coming from.

By the third crumb my curiosity was no longer segmented to the back of my mind, and before she could hand me a fourth I turned to look at her and immediately determined where her crumb supply was coming from…her nose.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen my daughter was sitting in my lap, picking her nose, and handing me the treasures she was finding there.  My mom got a good chuckle on the phone as I screeched at Kaylee, “Ewwww!!  Stop handing me boogers!!!”

I could not believe that A) my daughter was handing me the boogers she’d found in her nose (especially since my boys seem to think that eating them is the proper method for disposing of them.)  B) that it took me that long to identify exactly what it was that she was handing me (seriously these things were rock hard and not “booger-like” at all.  or C) that after 4 tries she was still able to find large enough fragments to dig out of there and continue to hand them too me.  I really began to wonder if she didn’t have an extra dimensional portal in there just filled with more of these little gems.

You’ll be happy to note that I did make it through the rest of my phone call before I boiled my hands to rid myself of all the nasty little germs I had just touched.  Kaylee was quite unconcerned by my lack of appreciation for her “gifts” she was just thrilled to be rid of them.  I have however made myself a mental note to never accept anything from my children blindly again.  Going forward I will always know what it is they are trying to hand me prior to it ever being put into my hands.


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