A Beautiful Day

I am a fair weather holiday decorator.  I have never denied that.  I love to put up Christmas lights every year, but I absolutely refuse to freeze my tail off to do so.  That means once Halloween is over I’m watching the weather like a hawk and at the first sign things are going to start getting cold, yucky, and you know, over all winter like I start digging my Christmas decorations out of storage.  It usually ends up being a week or so before Thanksgiving.

Well last week the weatherman was announcing that the weather was going to be absolutely beautiful over the weekend, then reality was going to hit and hit hard as of Monday.  So, despite the calendar saying it was only November 9th, the kids and I spent Saturday morning in our basement digging through the storage room.

A little after 10 we were outside.  The kids were playing nicely in the front yard and I started mapping out my plan.  In past years we’ve always decorated the tree in our front yard along with our driveway and garden.  All of our extension cords and decorations are geared toward making that happen.  However, this year our tree has gotten to be huge and I hate how it looks when people make a half hearted effort and only decorate the bottom half of their tree.  So it took me a while to decide how to change things up and leave out the tree because I had to make sure our extension cords would be adequate for the new configuration.

After a while the kids were getting bored with just running around in the front yard.  I wouldn’t let them get any of their outdoor toys out in the backyard because we had put them away for the year in anticipation that the kids wouldn’t be spending much time outside once it got cold.  I finally decided to let the three of them go to the park.

This was the first time I had ever let the three of them go to the park by themselves.  It’s not like the park is very far away, in between my house and the playground is exactly one other house.  That’s why I was figuring it was no big deal.  No, I couldn’t see the entire playground but I could hear pretty much everything the kids were doing from my vantage point and Brendan is old enough that I felt I could trust him to keep an eye on his brother and sister.

They played down there for about 30 minutes and I had no problem getting them to come home because it was lunch time and they were getting hungry.  After lunch we all laid down for a short nap (the fresh air must’ve worn us out).  Then it was back outside to work on the lights again.  By that point I had them all planned out and now it was just going to be a matter of execution.

The kids were keen to go back to the park (they seemed to like their new found freedom) so I sent them down that way again.  Not having them directly underfoot made things go much more smoothly than they would have otherwise.  I walked down to the park a few times just to make sure everything was going swimmingly, and it was.  The kids were playing nicely together and Brendan was having no trouble keeping the kids in the park.

A little over an hour after later Brendan came to the edge of our neighbors yard and hollered that he wanted to come home but the kids wouldn’t listen to him.  I got out my phone to see how long they’d been down at the park.  If they stayed down there approximately 10 more minutes Brendan would be able to earn three checkboxes for his Champions club at school.  I walked down to the park and explained that to Brendan.  He was totally on board.  I also told Cameron and Kaylee that they only had a few more minutes.  With the message coming from mom, they were okay with that too.

I went home to hopefully wrap up the last of my decorating.  It wasn’t dark yet, but the sun was definitely on it’s way down.  Besides, Matt would be home from work soon and I hadn’t started on dinner yet.  Unfortunately, by the time the kids were done I still had a couple of things to do.  I sent them inside to watch a cartoon and I determinedly set to work to finish my stuff up.  With less than 10 minutes left until Matt was due home from work it was done.

I stumbled my way inside, sore, a little chilled, but satisfied with what I’d done.  The only thing I hadn’t gotten done was stringing the cord over the top of our garage so we can light the bush on the far side.  I’m a little shorter than Matt and unable to reach it quite as well as he.  He said he would do it after work on Sunday before the weather truly turned cold.

Sunday morning the kids and I went to a pancake feed given by our local hockey team’s booster club.  The sky was a bit overcast but overall the day was looking to be just as nice as it had on Saturday.  The kids and I spent the rest of Sunday indoors going through the rest of the Christmas decorations and trying to decide which ones we were going to put up inside the house.

Matt’s shift ended at 5:00 and he told me to have the ladder and stuff ready when he got home so we could get the light cord strung right away.  Once I got the text saying he was on his way I took the stuff outside.  I was only out there for about 5 minutes before Matt came home, but I hadn’t worn a coat.  By the time he pulled into the driveway I was chilled to the bone.  Things had definitely started turning colder.

I was so thankful I had completed the lion’s share of the work on Saturday instead of putting it off until Sunday and counting on the weather holding out.  Monday, the cold weather came just as the meteorologist had predicted and although I’ve gotten some crap from my friends and neighbors about having my Christmas lights up (and turned on I might add) so early I can now rest easy and not care how cold it gets because I don’t have to go out there and freeze my tail off again.


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