Attack of the Shy

Saturday morning was one of the busiest we’ve had in quite a while.  Cameron had been invited to a birthday party for one of the little boys in his class and as of Saturday morning I hadn’t found a chance to go shopping for his party yet.  We also had some things we needed to pick up from Matt’s sister, so with the party being slated for 11 AM we had a lot to cram in before party time.

Matt would be working for most of the day, so I got the kids up and dressed, packed some cereal into bags and some milk into jugs, loaded the kids into the car and had breakfast on the run.  First stop of the day was to Target to pick up the present and wrapping paper for the party along with a few things the family needed as well.  I could have gone shopping for the present one day earlier in the week while the boys were at school but Cameron really likes to pick out his friends birthday presents himself and I just couldn’t deny him that opportunity.

After much indecision, Cameron finally found a Spiderman car that he thought his friend would like, and we hurried through the rest of the store to pick up our other purchases.  We left there around 9:30 and headed over to the cookie shop Matt’s sister owns.  We spent a good 30 minutes or more there just chatting with Matt’s mom and sister before I realized that we had a little less than half an hour left to get to the party.  That in itself would normally not be a problem but where I was compared to where I needed to be were pretty much at opposite ends of the city.

So with kisses and hugs all around, we got back into the car and made our way to the birthday party.  I was worried we would end up being really late, but we arrived within 5 minutes of the party’s start time.  I figured I couldn’t possibly be the only parent running behind so I felt pretty good about our arrival time.  It took another minute or two to figure out where the specific party was at in the bowling alley, but finally we located them and took Cameron down to the party.

The plan was to drop him off at the party and let him be with his friends, while I took Brendan and Kaylee bowling in a different part of the alley.  That way he could be independent, Brendan and Kaylee would have something to do during the party, and I would still be on hand if Cameron caused any trouble at the party.  But it didn’t work out that way.

As soon as we arrived Cameron’s friend came out of the crowd and greeted him warmly.  Cameron seemed excited to see his friend, but as soon as the little boy melted back into the crowd of guests Cameron turned shy.  The boys dad handed me the bowling shoes they’d gotten out for Cameron and I took him to a bench to change shoes.  At that point Cameron had had enough and wanted to leave.

Once Cameron decides he doesn’t want to do something there really is no changing his mind.  He absolutely refused to change into the bowling shoes and would not even stay at the party and play with his friend.  It didn’t matter whether I was going to stay in the building or at the party itself, he was done and wanted to go home.

With a small sigh of frustration I handed our party gift and the shoes to the dad and explained that Cameron was feeling too shy to stay and that we were going to have to leave.  I was very thankful that the dad was extremely understanding about the whole thing.  He told Cameron not to worry about it and that they’d try again another day.

Back in the car with three hungry kids (who were all supposed to have eaten while we were at the bowling alley) I drove next door to the Burger King and fed them lunch.  Then, needing a bit of a pick me up after my frustrating morning we stopped in and saw Matt at work since he was about to go on break.  Seeing him for that few minutes was just what I needed to get me through the rest of my day.  I took the kids home for a short nap, then we went to the local skating rink to let them run off the energy they hadn’t burned off that morning.

Not exactly the day I’d been planning, but a productive day none the less.  Hopefully next time he’s invited to a party Cameron will be having a better day and will want to stay and have fun with his friends.


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