Crunch Time

We have always said Cameron had a hard head.  As a baby he used to flail around when we would play with him and if his head accidentally knocked into yours you were down for the count.  Meanwhile baby Cameron was still happily shrieking with laughter, no worse for wear from hitting his head.

Evidently, nothing has changed.  Cameron still has a hard head.  When he came home from school on Monday we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary at first, but then I caught sight of him at just the right angle and saw that Cameron had the beginnings of a pretty good black eye.

black eye

In my defense the two bruises were right along the edge of the glasses so at first it looked like a shadow instead of a bruise.  Once I realized it was more than a shadow I took off his glasses and asked him what happened to his head.

Cameron explained that during gym class that day he and another little boy had knocked heads together and his glasses had dug into the side of his face.  Which explained why the bruises lined up so well with the edge of his glasses.  Looking at him I could not believe that no one from the school had called me or that he had no band aids on the scrapes.  But when I asked him about it he said that he kind of forgot to tell the teacher he’d gotten hurt.

I was flabbergasted, this is the same kid who bawls over every bump, bruise, and scratch.  Who I’m pretty sure was going to faint when he fell over the summer and scraped a huge chunk out of his ankle.  Apparently he was made without any pain receptors in his head but double the regular amount everywhere else.  That’s the only way to explain that phenomenon.

Well there was nothing more to be done for him.  His scrapes were already scabbing over so I saw no reason to bandage them at this point, and the bruises had already formed so no need for ice at this point.  So I slipped his glasses back onto his face and started to move on with my day.  Then Cameron pointed out the other thing I had missed.  Having his glasses dug into his temple had resulted in bending the frame quite a bit.  They would stay on, but if he moved his head around a lot they’d slip down his nose.  Which he proceeded to demonstrate for me over and over for the next few minutes.

Meanwhile I was in the middle of wrapping presents to put under our Christmas tree.  I was determined to get my brother’s kids finished before we left to get his glasses adjusted because that would allow me to put away the roll of paper I was using.  (yes, I wrap each family–Matt’s, mine, and our kids–in different papers.  Makes it easier for identifying which presents need to go to which celebration and limits the number of forgotten presents)  It was only around 4:00 and they didn’t close until 6 so I had time to finish up what I was doing.

Cameron was still sitting on the couch demonstrating his glasses slipping down his face and was starting to make me a little bit crazy.  I told him he needed to leave the living room and go play for a few minutes while I finished up.  What happened next is a little unclear, but to the best of my recollection this is what happened.

Cameron got up off the couch with a toy in his hand.  Somehow as he passed behind me he dropped the toy, and as he leaned down to pick it up his glasses slipped off his face and hit the floor.  Cameron’s priority as always would have been his toy, and he continued to reach for that, leaving his glasses on the floor.  Well I didn’t really realize what was going on behind me.  I was leaned forward cutting off a piece of wrapping paper and having finished began to sit back.

Well guess who sat right down on those glasses?  Yup that would be me, and believe me they had no chance.  The problem is that we aren’t sure that is what happened.  Cameron has this really bad habit of taking his glasses off his face for no apparent reason.  Matt, who had a much better view of the situation, is pretty sure this is what happened in this case.  He said that the likelihood that Cameron’s glasses would fall to the floor at the exact place and time that I would manage to sit on them is pretty slim and it’s more likely that Cameron had taken them off himself.

Whichever is the truth the result is the same, his glasses ended up in multiple pieces.  Well that settled it.  I put the last couple pieces of tape onto the gift I was wrapping and got ready to leave.  We took the glasses in and explained the situation.  I knew they’d need to order a new set of frames, and figured that we’d be out the glasses for a good week or more while we waited for the frames to arrive.  However, when examining the glasses they found that the breaks were clean and they would be able to solder the glasses together as a temporary measure.

Knowing Cameron I’m willing to bet that before the week is out he’ll have them broken again, but at least they will last him a day or two.  Now if only he learns to keep his glasses on and unbent, we will be in much better shape.


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