Quote of the Day

Cameron.  I’m not really sure where to begin with him.  Of all my children he is the one I understand the least.  He is definitely his daddy’s child both goofy and loveable at the same time.  The times that he’s in a lovey mood more than make up for all the other times when he’s driving me up the wall.

Like on the first day of winter break from school.  He happened to wake up around 4:45 in the morning and came into our room.  Well once he shook me awake I was up for the day and went out to the living room while he snuggled into my previously occupied spot on the bed and fell back to sleep.  A few hours later when he was really up for the day he came out to where I was sitting in the recliner watching Netflix and gave me a really big hug.  I asked him what the hug was for and he said, “I’m just trying to be nice.” before padding off down the hall to go to the bathroom and grab his glasses.

When he’s goofy he can get really silly.  Making up words, bouncing off the walls, and just all around being a typical 5 year old kid.  But it’s the times when he’s dead serious that his most funny comments come to light.  And I can’t help but scratch my head and wonder if he knows he’s being as funny as he is or if he really believes what he’s saying.

For example, we were riding in the car one day heading for my in-laws when Cameron decides to tell us all about hills.  After all we’d just driven past a hill so now would be the perfect time to make sure that daddy and I knew everything we needed to know about hills.  In the world according to Cameron a little hill is called a hump, a medium hill is called a jumpo, a big hill is called a hill (I mean duh, what else would a big hill be called?  I can’t believe we even had to ask that one),  and a really big hill is called a mountain.  But just to be clear, there’s only one mountain left.  In the whole world.  It’s called snow mountain, and it’s brown with snow on top.

He was so serious when telling us this that we didn’t want to laugh for fear of hurting his feelings as he spouted off this important piece of information for us.  But at the same time our ribs were killing us from trying to keep the pent up laughter inside.  When he was telling us all about the mountain I thought I was going to burst.  One mountain, in the entire world.  Evidently he didn’t remember our trip through Colorado where we could see the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

It’s not just hills that he’s knowledgeable about either.  He can tell you all about your toes too.  We were at home one afternoon and Kaylee was complaining that she’d hurt her pinchy finger.  Now, since I speak fluent Kaylee, I knew that meant she’d done something to her pinky finger (I have no idea where pinchy finger came from), but Brendan was confused until I explained it to him.  Once Cameron overheard our conversation he was quite keen to share his insights on the names of all of his toes.

Starting at the big toe he pointed out each one by one on my foot and told me what they were called, “Now this one is the fat toe because it’s big and fat, and the next one is the middle toe because it’s long just like my middle finger, then comes the insect toe because when you squish an insect with you shoe that’s that toe’s job, and this one is the medium one I guess, and the last one is the pinky.

I was quite impressed that he not only had names for each of the toes but that he’d put so much effort into why each of them was named.  Well until the last two of course, I’m guessing he just lost interest into thinking of reasons why.  By far my favorite was the insect toe.  Now I don’t spend a lot of my time squishing insects, mainly because I’m always afraid I’ll miss them and the insect will crawl up my leg in protest, but evidently Cameron has and has come to realize that he uses the same toe to get the job done when he does it.

There are days that I would love to just crawl inside Cameron’s head and know what he is thinking, and then there are other days when I think I might be scared by what I found there…


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