Kaylee’s been hacking and sneezing for a few days now.  From the way she was doing it, it seemed more like she was getting over a cold rather than getting one.  But as it turned out Tuesday night, she really was coming down with something.  She seemed fine all day.  She fell asleep in the car when we were picking up the boys, but I didn’t really think anything of that because she’d missed her nap due to a trip to the grocery store.

It wasn’t until dinner that anything came up.  I sat the kids down at the table and served their meals.  Less than 5 minutes later Kaylee was crying that her tummy hurt and she wanted to go to bed.  I took her into the bathroom to get her ready for bed and while in there she began to cry harder because it hurt her to cough.

The poor thing was absolutely miserable.  I wanted to do something to take her mind off her woes while we waited for her medicine to kick in, so we called daddy via FaceTime and he comforted her through the iPad screen.  After a few minutes with daddy, I got her settled into her bed with a cartoon.  It seemed like this was just a cold but she was running a small fever, so I wasn’t ruling vomit out of the question.  I told her that she couldn’t have her stuffed animals just in case she got sick.  She nodded without complaint and snuggled further into her blankets.

About 20 minutes later I went in to check on her and she was holding tight to four of her stuffed animals.  With sympathy I explained again why she couldn’t have them and slowly removed them from her bed.  She willingly parted with them and said, “but Cameron said I could have them.”  My heart just swelled.  I was pretty sure I knew what had happened, but I got her settled again before I verified the information.

Once I was done I went downstairs to where the boys were playing quietly.  I picked Cameron up and asked him if he’d been in to check on Kaylee.  He nodded, looking worried that he was about to get in trouble.  Then I asked about the stuffed animals.  He nodded again and said, “I thought they’d make her feel better.”  I gave him the world’s biggest squeeze and thanked him for doing that.  Then I explained why Kaylee couldn’t have stuffed animals that night, no matter how much they might make her feel better.

As the evening progressed, Cameron snuck upstairs to check on Kaylee at least twice more.  He didn’t give her any more stuffed animals but he just wanted to make sure she was resting comfortably.  There are days when I am absolutely floored by his tender little heart.  He is going to make the best daddy someday, when his kiddos are feeling under the weather he’s totally going to be the one making sure they’re all comfy and cozy, bringing them juice and crackers, reading them stories, all the things that kids want and need when they’re sick.

And with care like that from her older brother I know Kaylee is in good hands.  She may not like it when she’s a little older and big brother is scaring off potential boyfriends, but for now it’s adorable.


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