Matt is due to come home from his trip today!  Finally!!  The kids wanted to do something special for daddy when he got home so last night we went out to the store and picked up some things to make his homecoming special.

We started off with some poster board and art supplies to make him a welcome home sign.  For some reason my kids think that making signs for things is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And daddy always showers them with a lot of praise and thanks whenever they do it for him.  Next I let the kids pick out a small gift for daddy and some gift wrap to put it in.  Finally I picked up a bottle of sparkling grape juice to share.

So that is what will be waiting for Matt when he gets home tonight.  Unfortunately, he will come home to an empty house for a little while.  There is a hockey game tonight and I saw no point in not going since Matt will beat us home by about an hour at most.  But the kids didn’t stop there.  Brendan wanted to plan a big party for daddy I explained to him that we’d be greeting him around 10:00 pm.  Cameron thought daddy would enjoy a nice warm hug instead.  Daddy agreed and told Cameron how much he’s looking forward to that.

Cameron went further too.  Yesterday he went to the basement and sorted through our Imaginext toys looking for specific figures.  When it was his turn to talk to daddy he got on the iPad and showed daddy which guys he was going to be and which guys he’d specifically reserved for daddy.  Evidently Cameron doesn’t think that mommy is capable of playing Batman with him because, though I’ve offered a few times since daddy left, he hasn’t wanted to play Batman at all.

Brendan is just as funny.  He got a brand new Lego set from his grandparents for his birthday.  I’ve offered at least a dozen times to get it out and help him put it together, but any time I do he makes excuses and finds something he’d rather do more.  He too is waiting for daddy so that they can put his Legos together.  I understand him wanting to share that experience with his dad, but that one was a major blow to my ego.  I love Legos and have gotten really good with them recently as we’ve been reconstructing and selling some of our old sets.

But really I can’t blame them for being excited.  I’m looking forward to Matt being home too.  We were in the middle of watching The Big Bang Theory again and left off in the middle of season 4.  I can hardly wait to spend our nights snuggled under the covers with Big Bang on the TV as we settle down to sleep.

Two weeks is just too long to be apart.  I can’t wait for Matt to be home.


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