I Loveded It

At the ripe old age of 3, Kaylee has a boyfriend.  Our local hockey team moved to a new facility in 2012 and when that happened a family with a little 3 year old boy took seats about 6-7 rows behind us.  Their little boy is a bit of a wanderer and a lot of games will find him down in our row watching the game up close and personal.  It doesn’t bother us in the slightest when he comes down to see us because he really is the world’s sweetest little guy.  Besides if he gets too rowdy or rambunctious we just gently send him right back up to his parents.

From the first time Kaylee came to one of the games with me the two of them hit it off.  They both seem to be enamored with the fact that amongst the sea of legs there’s another person who is just their size.  I’m not as apt to let Kaylee wander up to their seats because she would then be behind me and I’d either have to be turned around in my seat to keep an eye on her or trust the other family to keep her safe and I don’t feel it’s right to ask them to babysit my child during the game.

K and GBut she still gets plenty of time with her little guy because he comes down to see her quite frequently.  She just loves to follow him around and do whatever it is he’s doing, and if she has our iPod at the game the two of them can be found frequently sitting on the steps right next to our seats and calmly sharing the device.

They’ve gotten to be such good friends that they even exchanged Christmas gifts this year.  The dad cornered me a couple weeks before the hockey holiday break to make sure I would be bringing Kaylee to one of the games, and I was because she wanted to say goodbye to the players living with my parents before they went home for the holidays.  The dad was all excited because he said that the little boy wanted to give Kaylee a present.

Feeling that was a really good idea we went out and got a little something for him as well.  Thinking he might like something to do while at the hockey games we found a little Ninja Turtle coloring book and markers.  We wrapped it up and took it to the next game.  The two of them seemed a little shy as they handed each other their gifts but both were extremely pleased with what they got.  Kaylee proudly came down to show grandma and grandpa her new bracelet while her little friend spent most of that game glued to his seat coloring happily in his new color book.

But I hadn’t realized just how much those two little ones like to be together until this last week when I took all three kids to the game with me.  I couldn’t get their tickets in my row but the ones in the second row of the section on the opposite side of the steps was free.  I decided that separating Brendan and Cameron would be wisest and left Bren down with my parents and sat across the aisle with Cameron.  Kaylee was content wandering back and forth between the two groups.

During one of the intermissions (I missed the entire exchange because I was dealing with the boys) her little friend was down by us and evidently Kaylee began trying to kiss him.  My mom got a good chuckle out of it and made sure to tell me about it as soon as I was free.  I didn’t get a good chance to talk to Kaylee about it until I was getting her into the bath this morning.  As I helped her strip down out of her pajamas I asked her about her encounter at the last hockey game.

She blushed and confirmed that she had tried to kiss her little friend.  I asked her if she managed to kiss him and what his reaction was.  She looked at me and smiled before saying, “He kissded me mommy.”  I was very surprised and asked her where he kissed her.  If possible I think her smile grew even larger as she pointed to her cheek and said, “Right here mommy, and I loveded it.”  And with that she scrambled happily into her bath giving no more thought to the entire interaction.


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