Snips and Snails

Sugar, and spice, and everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of.

Snips, and snails, and puppy dog tails,

That’s what little boys are made of.

That poem has always amused me.  Whoever wrote it obviously thought that little girls were the best thing since sliced bread, sweet and wonderful and overall perfect.  While boys were obviously undesirable, gross, and imperfect in every way.  The funny thing is that as Matt and I talked about starting our family 10 years ago I wanted boys, all boys, and nothing but boys.  To me boys are much preferable because as they get older they tend to have less emotional outbursts and their hormones don’t seem to swing in quite the large arc that girls do.

Now that I have kids of my own this poem has come to mind frequently.  For the most part my princess is everything the poem says she will be.  She is sweet, funny, and absolutely adorable.  Especially when she’s interacting with her daddy.  She has him completely wrapped around her little finger and only has to bat her little eyelashes to get him to do anything for her.

But there are times when she is the exact opposite of that.  She’s going through a phase right now where she doesn’t want anyone doting on her.  She screeches and growls if you attempt to hug or kiss or snuggle her in any way.  In fact Matt has discovered she has a sort of automatic reflex when it comes to this.  One night at dinner he poked her in the side in an attempt to get her attention and tease her.  Without looking away from the dinner movie she growled softly under her breath.  So what did Matt do?  He kept poking her of course, and every single time he did she growled.  Eventually she turned away from the movie and gave him one super crusty look before ignoring him again.

As for the boys, I’ve never thought they were quite as bad as the poem made them out to be.  Though admittedly they are definitely not as cuddly as Kaylee is.  They never liked being snuggled and loved on the way she does.  I was lucky to get hugs and kisses from them at bedtime and I surely wasn’t going to get any during the day time.  They have always been more active and rowdy as well.  Sometimes it’s enough to drive me batty, but even wit the added craziness they’re still overall great kids.

And some days they just amaze me.  Especially Cameron.  He is, by all accounts, the wildest, craziest, goofiest kid I have ever met.  It wears me out to watch him run around and do all the things that he does.  I can’t imagine having as much energy as he does.  When he’s crazy he’s really really crazy, but when he decides to be sweet, he’s the sweetest kid I know.

For example, last night the kids had all been put to bed.  Matt and I were unwinding in our bedroom watching TV and enjoying the peace and quiet that only comes when the kids are all asleep.  We hadn’t even been in our room for 30 minutes yet when Cameron appeared in our doorway.  Since doing this sleep study with him it’s actually unusual for him to get out of bed after we lay him down anymore so we were quite surprised to see him.  We asked what he wanted and he said that Kaylee was crying for us.

That is the one thing that I hate about our house.  The kids bedrooms are both at the front of the house and ours is at the back.  So if we are watching TV in our room or have our floor fan on it’s extremely difficult to hear the kids calling for us.  We had a baby monitor in the kids bedrooms for a really long time, but now that they’re all in beds and know to come get us if they need something we’ve gotten rid of them and dealt with the problem of not hearing them as well when we are still up.

I got up to see what was wrong with Kaylee and followed Cameron back to his room as he made his way back to bed.  I made sure to thank him for coming to get us and he said that he just wanted to make sure she was okay because she was crying.  That kid has got such a big heart.  If anyone is sad or upset he really does all that he can to make them feel better.  I don’t know how he has gotten so good at reading emotions but it really is quite impressive.

As for Kaylee she had been asleep and a particularly big wind gust blew by the house and woke her up.  We’ve been having 30-40 MPH winds off and on for the last week or so.  I’m not really sure why that gust scared her when the wind has been howling for so long but my guess is it came just as she was in that state somewhere between asleep and awake.  I know the cats jumping off our bed has scared me when I’m in that inbetween state.

So all was well in our household again.  Kaylee was soothed back to sleep and Cameron re-tucked in to his bed.  Whatever my kids are made of, be it snips and snails, or sugar and spice, I’ll keep them just the way they are.


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