How You Say It

I think that it’s quite fitting that this story took place just one day after the events detailed in my last post.  As I stated there Matt and I work hard to be a united front for the kids.  That’s not all though, we also try to be consistent amongst ourselves too.  Meaning that if I say no I mean no and no amount of whining and wheedling will change my answer.  Well, most of the time.  I mean I do try, but there are times when that just doesn’t happen.  I don’t start out intending to change my mind, but sometimes, when the circumstances are just right, well it just makes more sense to change my mind.

Take last night for example.  As soon as Matt arrived home from work we loaded all the kids into the car and headed out the door to do some errands that I needed his help with.  One thing led to another and before we knew it, it was after 6:00 and we still needed to feed the kids dinner.  So I decided on macaroni and cheese because it was quick.  I set to work preparing our standard three boxes of macaroni for dinner, and waited impatiently for the water to boil.

Seconds after I poured the macaroni into the water Kaylee came into the kitchen to see how things were progressing.  She took the empty box from my hand and began to examine it.  On the back there’s a picture of a completed meal featuring the macaroni and cheese and some steamed broccoli.  If I haven’t mentioned it recently, Kaylee LOVES broccoli.  So do I for that matter and recently I’ve taken to preparing steamed broccoli about once a week.

Wednesday was not one of those nights.  To be perfectly honest at that point I hadn’t thought about what I’d be serving with the macaroni and cheese, but I do know that broccoli was not on the menu.  So when Kaylee saw the picture of the broccoli she assumed we would be having broccoli for dinner.  I gently corrected her and said that even though the picture showed it I wasn’t making any that night.

Just as she did the night before with the cupcakes, she turned on the water works and began to bawl about how much she loved broccoli and how much she wanted some for dinner.  Now I’m in a dilemma.  I don’t want to give into her because I’ve already said no, and not only that I feel like if I give into her again then it will be reinforcing that if she starts to cry she will get her way every time.

I half heartedly tried to stick to my guns, but there was also a small part of me that was kicking myself and screaming, “You idiot!  Your child is asking for vegetables and you’re going to say no??!??  What kind of a moron are you??”  Plus the more I thought about it the more broccoli sounded like it would be totally delicious mixed in with my macaroni.

Needless to say, I relented and made the broccoli for dinner.  Was I wrong to do so?  Probably.  If put into the exact same situation would I make the same decision?  Definitely.  I really believe that serving Kaylee the vegetable of her choice should outweigh any negative effects from me changing my answer and flip flopping on the topic.

At the very least what this situation proved is that when it comes to messing up and not being the perfect parents Matt and I are on equal footing and we both make our share of mistakes with the kids.  All we can do is hope that the good things we do far outweigh these bad decisions we make.  Time will tell.


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