Dry Run

Monday mornings are never easy.  No one is ever in the mood to get themselves roused out of their nice warm blankets.  Today was especially difficult as the wind howled all night long and the wind chills this morning were around -20.  But no amount of cold weather or Monday morning blah’s were going to stop us this morning.  Today was our dry run for our new morning routine to make sure we could get the boys to school and Kaylee to pre-school.

Well, I guess the morning routine isn’t really new so much as revived.  This school year Brendan wakes up as 6:45.  Getting him up that early gives me 45 minutes to get all three kids through their baths and showers before I need to have breakfast on the table.  That gives everyone approximately 15 minutes to get washed and dressed.

With Kaylee not going to pre-school in August when the boys started school I made sure to bathe her last figuring that if I ran out of time I could delay her bath until after I dropped off the boys at school.  That eventually morphed into not worrying about bathing her before they left at all and giving the boys a little over 20 minutes each to take their showers.  At some point that turned into Brendan showering in the first 10 minutes and Cameron taking close to half and hour for his shower.

The morning actually went a little smoother than I would have expected considering that we haven’t done this in about 6 months.  Matt was running a little behind schedule this morning which meant he was still home when the kids got out of bed.  When that happens the kids get quite distracted by interacting with daddy and it’s difficult to keep them on task.  I figured right off the bat that my attempt to get the old morning routine off the ground was going to be difficult if not going to fail all together.

Despite being distracted by daddy for about 5 minutes Brendan was still done with his shower by a couple minutes after 7.  Cameron came next and went into the shower fairly willingly.  He is not a morning person and hates taking his shower in the morning.  I’ve considered moving his shower back to the night but I know if I do then I will just have to deal with him complaining that he’s the only one taking a shower at that time.  I’ve found it best to just ignore his complaints and turn the shower on anyway.  Once the water is on he generally stops fighting, gets undressed, and takes his shower.

I gave him until about 18 after before calling into the bathroom that he needed to get out.  He complied and it was time to get Kaylee into the bath.  After 10 years experience I am the master of the fast bath.  When necessary I can get a kid bathed and out in under 4 minutes, which is exactly what happened today.  Unfortunately since Kaylee has gotten used to nice long, leisurely baths this year she was not a happy camper about the rushed bath.  One quick reminder that she was a big pre-schooler now and that meant she needed to take her bath before school like the boys do and she was a little less grumpy.

That was the hard part.  After that came breakfast which we have down to a science.  Cameron picked his cartoon and the kids sat and ate making sure to be finished by the time the cartoon had ended.  Pack the bags, then put on shoes and coats, making extra, extra sure that all kids had a full set of hats and gloves in their possession and we were ready to go.

We made it out the door within 2 minutes of when I wanted to and got everyone loaded into the car.  It wasn’t until we’d pulled into the school parking lot that we hit our first snag.  Cameron had again forgotten to grab his backpack despite the 19 reminders and me handing it directly to him right before I got Kaylee’s shoes on.  Since he wasn’t taking cold lunch I just told him to deal with it for the day.  The boys were on their way into the school (which has been allowing the kids to line up indoors when the weather is overly cold) and Kaylee and I began to make the drive over to the pre-school around 8:16.

The preschool is approximately 2 miles East and 2 miles South of the boys school.  From experience with Cameron I know that by going East first I can make it to the pre-school in about 10-15 minutes.  We cut it close most days and were late for pre-school a few times, so I decided to see what would happen if I went South first.  On the surface it seemed like a really good idea.  I made it to the pre-school and back home in about 15 minutes.

However, going that direction meant I needed to turn left twice, and both of the lights that I was turning at have no turn arrow, meaning I am at the mercy of the traffic going through those lights.  Today I managed to make it through the light on the first go round, but I’ll admit I was turning as the light changed from yellow to red.  If I happen to catch it at the wrong time I am willing to bet I’ll have to sit through 2 lights which will add a lot of time to my commute.

With that in mind I think we will just stick with what we know works, even if it does mean that I’m cutting things a little close.  I don’t feel like it will be as bad this year because I leave to go to the boys school a little sooner.  They’ve changed how early the boys can go to their classrooms meaning that we leave my house closer to 8:00 than 8:10.  (that change wasn’t my idea, the boys wanted the chance to meet up and talk with their friends in the morning and asked to leave sooner so they’d have more time for that.  And since I know the school will let them in if there’s any chance they’d freeze I don’t see why they can’t have an extra 5 minutes to chit chat)

The best part was that Kaylee made it through the dry run without losing control and bawling that she wanted to go to school.  As we rounded the corner to head back for home she said calmly that she didn’t get to go to school today because it wasn’t Tuesday.  It’s finally begun to sink in for her that while the boys go every day she won’t.  She’s still super excited for pre-school to begin.  I hope she makes lots of new friends there.


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