Excitement With a Side of Sarcasm

Getting Kaylee out of bed in the morning is akin to waking a sleeping bear before he’s ready to come out of hibernation.  With the boys all I have to do is knock on their door and say good morning.  With Kaylee it takes much much more to get her moving.  First I go in and shake her awake.  She usually ignores the first seven or so shakes.  When she can’t feasibly ignore me any longer she growls at me, curls herself up into a ball under her blankets, and tries to shut me out that way.

At this point I rip the covers back to deny her the warmth of her cocoon.  That’s when the scene changes from waking a sleeping bear to a scene from The Exorcist.  Without her blankets she sits up, continues to growl, and then I’m pretty sure her head spins around and fire shoots out of her eyes.  I’m not positive though because it’s at that point that I leave the room and wait for her to wake up fully.

Not today though.  Today there was a completely different little girl sleeping in Kaylee’s bed.  Because when I came to the doorway this morning and gently called, “Kaylee it’s time to get up.  It’s pre-school day.” She shot out of bed like a rocket ready and raring to go to pre-school.  The morning with her went super easy as well.  Although I did have to keep explaining to her that it wasn’t time to leave for pre-school yet.  “Tan we go to pwe-school now mommy?”  No Kaylee it’s time to take your bath.  “Den we go to pwe-school?”  No, then it’s time for breakfast.

Throughout all this I was having a very different morning with Brendan.  He is usually my morning person, the one I don’t have to make any effort to get out of bed and getting ready for school.  It’s become even easier since he got an alarm clock for Christmas.  He loves to set his own alarm and get himself roused out of bed.  Today was a bit different.  He still set his alarm and got out of bed like he was supposed to, but from the moment his feet hit the floor he was a wholly different kid.

Today Brendan and all of his classmates are required to take the state writing test.  It’s not that big of a deal, they’ve been practicing and preparing for it for months, and because of his needs Brendan will get extra time to take the test itself.  But for whatever reason Brendan is nervous and wound up about the whole thing.  He spent the entire morning pushing buttons and picking fights.  It almost seemed like he was trying to goad me into yelling at him so that if he did poorly he could blame it on me yelling at him.

But I didn’t rise to the bait.  Knowing what the cause of his bad attitude was I pretty much ignored the snide comments and gently redirected his focus as much as I could.  I focused on Kaylee’s good morning versus Brendan’s bad one.  Cameron was helpful on that front as well.  He got Kaylee talking about pre-school and told her how much fun she was going to have.  Brendan managed to rub him wrong a couple of times but I told Cameron to just ignore him and keep focusing on his sister, so that’s what he did.

Once we got all the morning routine finished we loaded up the car and headed for the boys’ school.   Kaylee knows this route well since she’s made this trek every school day for the last two years.  She was quite distraught that we were going to their school and not hers.  I had to explain that the boys needed to be dropped off before her.  I heard a small huff of exasperation but she said no more about it.

I dropped off the boys and was delighted to hear them both say good luck to Kaylee on their way out of the van.  Once they were safely on their way into the school Kaylee and I made our couple mile trek over to her new pre-school.  She’s in the same classroom with the same teacher that Cameron had for pre-school.  Without hesitation she marched herself down to the classroom and greeted the teacher excitedly.

We were shown where her hook was and then left to our own devices.  First thing, while all of the kids are arriving, there are centers with toys and things to play with to keep all the kids entertained while they wait for their friends to arrive.  Kaylee spotted the play-doh station almost immediately and wanted to go play with that.

She sat down and demanded I push her chair in.  Then dug her hands into a giant ball of orange play-doh.  I stood there long enough to take a picture of her and as soon as I was done she looked me in the eye and said, “Well why aren’t you leaving mommy?”  Knowing then that she would be perfectly fine on her own I stopped briefly by the teacher to confirm the pick up time and then left.  My kids have always been good about going away to school for the first time, but I think Kaylee might just take the prize.  I’ve never had either of the boys tell me I was hovering too much!

Kaylee preschool


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