When it Rains…

I have to admit, this school year has been way better than last for illness.  It felt like I had a kiddo down with some sort of ailment about every couple of weeks.  Amazingly they missed very little school, confining most of their illnesses to weekends and holidays.  Still, cleaning up after sick kids got very old after a while.  So far this year we’ve had nothing more than a minor cold at the beginning of January.  The worst thing that came from that was listening to kids hack and wheeze for a couple of weeks.

So as we sat down to dinner on Wednesday night it surprised me that Brendan mentioned his stomach hurt.  I wasn’t overly concerned about it at first, we were eating dinner a little later than we usually do, so I figured that he might be overly hungry.  Plus since he’d spent the past two days being stressed out over his state writing test at school I thought there might be a little residual acid in his stomach from that as well.  I served him his dinner and told him just to eat what he could and if he felt like he couldn’t eat then to just leave it.

You wouldn’t think that type of statement would be necessary but for some reason my kids think that leaving food on their plate is a crime punishable by death.  For the most part we don’t yell at them for leaving food on their plate, if they aren’t hungry then they aren’t hungry.  The exception to that is when they ask for seconds take one bite and then leave it.  Seriously, if you’re only hungry enough for one bite then you shouldn’t have asked for seconds.

We got everyone served and began eating.  Brendan only took about two bites of his dinner before turning green and leaving the table.  Surprisingly, after he’d gotten sick he came back to the table and said he felt better and wanted to eat.  Twice more he did this before finally giving up the ghost and leaving the table for good.

Poor Brendan spent the rest of the night getting sick every hour or so.  Originally we put him to bed on the floor in his bedroom.  We’ve learned from experience that if we know for sure he’s going to be throwing up that the top bunk is the last place we want him to be.  We have an air mattress that we use for just this occasion.  We put sheets, his pillows, and a blanket on it and got him settled for the night.  For about an hour or so we let him and Cameron watch cartoons (who begged for the chance to go to bed early and watch cartoons) before finally saying they needed to try and go to sleep.  Brendan because he needed to rest and get better, Cameron because he still had school on Thursday.

With no complaints the boys settled down to sleep.  That lasted about 45 minutes before Matt and I heard the sounds of gagging from across the house.  At 10 Brendan is pretty good about hitting the bathroom or the bucket so when he gets sick the amount of cleanup is usually a bit less.  Unfortunately in his sleepy haze he missed the bucket completely and hit the carpet.  Matt got the cleaning supplies and started in on the floor while I changed Brendan’s clothes and bedding and started up the washer.

Somehow Cameron slept through all of the ruckus we were making but we realized if Brendan was going to continue to get sick throughout the night that we might want to move him elsewhere.  We brought the air mattress out to the living room and turned on Netflix.  We told Brendan to sleep as much as he could but that he could watch cartoons in between times.  The other advantage to moving him out there was that my bedroom is right off the living room making it much easier for me to hear if he needed something in the middle of the night.

I was really hoping to avoid the kids getting this.  I’d seen it coming for weeks.  My parents were both down with it in the last week or so, and their hockey boys to boot.  In fact half the team has had this same illness over the past couple of weeks and have been passing it along to one another like a wild fire.

One of my friends had it going through her house as well, though as she lives out of state I highly doubt her family could have passed the germs along to us.  I don’t know whether to envy her situation or pity it.  She has 4 children and 3 of them came down with the illness on the same night.  That would make for a whole lot of cleaning and a very long night, but at least she got most of the illness out of the way at once.

As for me, right now Brendan is the only one showing any signs of being sick.  I can’t even say I saw it coming on.  Sometimes with him you can tell he’s getting sick because he becomes very out of sorts, but since he has been stressing about his test at school that masked any out of sorts that could have come from him being sick.

Here’s hoping that this passes quickly and that no one in the house gets sick.  Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?


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