Completely Hosed

7:00 pm Wednesday – Brendan gets sick in the middle of dinner starting us down the path of passing around the flu that’s been going around.

3:00 am Thursday – Brendan finally stops vomiting, allowing him and mommy to go to sleep for the first time.

7:00 am Thursday – brief respite because the other kids still need to go to school, yay!

9:00 am Thursday – mommy and Brendan veg/nap trying to catch up on lost sleep until the kids come home from school.

9:00 pm Thursday – the whole family collapses into bed, exhausted by the events of the last 24 hours.

7:00 am Friday – Brendan is 100% better and heads back to school. Meanwhile mommy, feeling completely rested and energized, gets 10x the normal amount done while kids are in school.

6:30 pm Friday – Kaylee leaves the dinner table after 2 bites complaining of a tummy ache. She’s put to bed for the night.

3:00 am Saturday – the sounds of a toddler who’s just thrown up in her bed drift through the house. Customary bathing, sheet changing, and comforting commences. Daddy is mysteriously absent from these proceedings.

3:30 am Saturday – the poor princess has round 2 of her illness. The poor bed gets soaked a second time (thank goodness for plastic mattress liners) but avoids needing a full out bath. Daddy is mysteriously absent from these proceedings.

4:00 am Saturday – daddy joins the ranks of the ill. Explaining his mysterious absences from cleaning up after Kaylee. Mommy moves her bedding out to the couch and prepares for a long night of taking care of two sick individuals all by herself.

5:00 am Saturday – hmmm. We might have a problem. Mommy has just joined the ranks of the ill. Leaving just the 10 and 5 year old healthy. So now you’ve got someone who can not hit a barf bucket, and the only two individuals in the house capable of cleaning up after that person all down for the count at once.

I’m thinking this is going to be a great day. (Insert sarcasm sign here)


4:30 pm Saturday – Last but not least Cameron throws in the towel (so to speak) and comes down with the beginning stages of the illness as the rest of us are starting to be on the mend.  I don’t know whether to be grateful or not to get it all out of the way in one dose.  Hopefully next time I won’t get it at the same time as Matt.  It’d be nice to have at least one responsible adult semi-coherent. 


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