On the Mend

Yesterday is pretty much a haze.  Matt and I lay in our bed dozing most of the day, occasionally getting up only to see to the boys basic needs and check on the sick baby who was in her bedroom staring at cartoons with glazed over eyes.  Around mid afternoon things started to turn a corner.  No one had thrown up in about 6 hours, and Matt and I were starting to feel almost human again.

Around 4:30 or so we were just thinking that we should start planning on what Brendan and Cameron were going to eat for dinner (the rest of us were snacking on graham crackers when we could manage it.)  when we heard the unmistakable sounds of someone getting sick.  Turns out we didn’t need to worry about feeding Cameron any dinner.  He was put to bed and we spent the next 30 minutes scrubbing the carpet.

Just after that, Kaylee started crying that her eyes hurt.  She had laid in bed the entire day (pretty much not moving) and watching cartoons and, while we know she dozed from time to time, she was so tired she wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t make herself do so when the cartoons were still on.  So I turned them off and turned on her radio instead.  Within 5 minutes she was asleep and ended up staying asleep for the entire night.

By 8:00 everyone was in bed.  I could hardly believe it when I woke up at 7:00 this morning and I hadn’t heard a peep out of Kaylee.  I figured going to bed at 4 would mean that she would have been up really early and she wasn’t.  I was just starting to think I should go check on her when I heard her calling from her bedroom that she’d like to finish her cartoon now.  I went in to turn on her cartoon and saw that she was feeling much much better.  She asked for juice but wasn’t ready to eat yet so I got her a glass of juice and left her to her cartoon.

The boys didn’t get up for another hour.  Cameron also seemed to be mending fine, and was much more like his normal self.  Since no one had gotten out of their pajamas on Saturday we thought it would be prudent to at least have everyone shower and get into some comfy clothes.  Matt had just gone to put Cameron in the bath when Kaylee wandered into my room because her cartoon was over.

She seemed just fine for about 5 minutes, chatting and giggling like her normal self.  Then, quick as lightning, she held her finger to her lips (which were horribly chapped) and said ow.  Before I could even ask what was wrong she threw up all over my bed.  Evidently, she wasn’t quite mended yet.  We got her changed and back to her own bed then set about stripping our bed down.

Turns out though she really is done being sick, but she gulped all of her juice down in a matter of minutes and her stomach just couldn’t handle that much liquid after 24 hours of almost nothing going into her system.  She’s in her room now chatting happily with her cartoons, no more worse the wear.

I can’t express how happy I am that this is all over.


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