Personality Matrix

One of my favorite places to think things over is in the shower.  My husband hates it when I do this because some of the thoughts I have when I’m in the shower aren’t on any list of things that a normal person would stop and consider.  The one he brings up most frequently is the time I mulled over why we all have individual toes instead of one giant hinge for a toe.  Yeah, so he might have a point…

I bring this up because the other day I was in the shower thinking about my kids.  Specifically about their personalities.  From there I somehow got to thinking about the delivery of each of them.  Don’t worry I’m going to spare you the gory details of my actual deliveries, but what occurred to me as I stood there was that the way my kids entered the world reflects directly on their personalities today.

Cameron is really my best example of this.  He made a very speedy entrance into the world.  From the time I realized I was having regular and steady contractions until the time he was born was a little over three hours.  So short in fact that I was concerned Matt wasn’t going to make it to the hospital from work in time and he was working only a few blocks away.

He hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since.  If Cameron needs to get from point A to point B he never walks.  He runs, skips, jumps, climbs, and barrels his way to where he’s going.  Which means he constantly falls, skids, and crashes into anything and everything in his way.  He constantly finds himself on the floor very suddenly and looks up as if he has no idea how it is that he got there.  We’re constantly having to remind him that if he would just walk he wouldn’t fall over nearly as often but he never listens.

Brendan, by comparison, made a nice leisurely entrance into the world.  Well, not counting of course that he decided to arrive 4 weeks ahead of schedule.  Total time between my water breaking and him being born was a little over 6 hours.  And that’s how he is today too.  Unless he’s having a meltdown about something he just takes life at a leisurely pace.  He’s never in too big a hurry, likes to have long winding conversations about absolutely nothing, and is content to get from point A to point B at a nice easy pace.

Then of course there’s Kaylee.  A more stubborn child I have never met.  And that’s saying something because I’ve also met Cameron who for a long long time held the title to most stubborn child in the world.  Kaylee took her sweet time in arriving.  She waited more than 10 hours to make her arrival.  I’m sure that there are some mom’s out there reading this who would like nothing more than the opportunity to kick me right now.  I understand that 10 hours of labor is nothing compared to what some women go through, but for me it was almost double my previous record for length of labor and generally your last child is born quickest instead of taking longest.

And in the last three years no amount of poking and prodding has sped her up at all.  If she needs to get from point A to point B it’ll pretty much be with her kicking and screaming the entire way.  And the quicker you need her to get something done the slower she is about it.  Which is a really bad combination with her independent streak.  Kaylee insists on doing things like getting herself dressed or putting on her own shoes, which is great in most cases.  I think Brendan was around 7 before I could convince him to dress himself with no help from me.  But when I only have 5 minutes to get her dressed and it takes her 15 minutes to go about it…well then we have problems.

Going out in public with the three kids can be a real pain in the neck as well.  As I’m walking through a store what will inevitably happen is that Cameron will grow tired of my leisurely pace and run at least 2 aisles ahead of me.  Brendan, meanwhile, will be walking right by my side chatting away about whatever tickles his fancy at that time and Kaylee will be lagging behind walking slower and slower every time I encourage her to hurry up and catch up to us.

Some things never change.


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