100 Days Smarter

We had a very interesting conversation in the car on the way to Brendan’s birthday party on Sunday.  Unfortunately, since it’s been a few days I don’t remember the exact things that were said, but I can remember enough about it to share.

I really wish I could remember what started it all, but eventually Cameron brought up school.  He was talking about the different stations that they do and that they all have different letters.  Evidently G station is the stamping station.  What they’re supposed to do in that station is use alphabet stamps to do different activities such as stamping out their name, or their star words, etc.  Well according to Cameron it is B O R I N G.

The amount of disgust in his voice was coming through loud and clear.  Matt and I, the ever vigilant parents, tried to put a positive spin on the whole thing reminding him that the stamping station would help him learn his alphabet.  Boy was that the wrong thing to say.  With a sigh that started clear down at his toes Cameron exclaimed, “But I already KNOW my alphabet!  I’m 100 days smart you know.”  Which of course set the whole car off in a fit of laughter.

Last month the kids hit their 100th day of school for the school year.  All of the grades celebrate the day in some way or another, but the Kindergarteners make a huge deal out of it.  They played games, made art projects, and even celebrated with a 100 days snack for which each kid in the class had to bring in exactly 100 pieces of something to add to the snack (Cameron brought graham crackers).  Cameron came home all excited to show me his 100 day folder that day and tell me about all the activities that they did in school.  Which is a first since he usually can’t remember what he did in school.

Since then, any time the subject of how much someone knows comes up, Cameron makes sure that we all know that he is 100 days smart.  What he fails to grasp is that Brendan is 4 grades ahead of him and therefore has 4 years more knowledge than he does, and that, as adults, Matt and I have many many years more knowledge than he does.  To him being in Kindergarten has made him the smartest kid in the world.


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