Drying Out

We have been parents for 10 years, 1 month, and a few odd days.  In that time we have changed approximately 25,000 diapers.  Each and every single solitary day without fail.  No breaks, no gaps, and a whole lot of overlapping.  A nice big chunk of our salary has been sunk into a commodity that would be soiled and thrown away every week.

I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when we began potty training Kaylee last summer.  She took to it much faster than either of the boys had and I figured we’d be done with diapers by the end of summer.  Then with her bowel issues things got pushed aside and we were back to having one kid in diapers full time.

Enrolling Kaylee in pre-school meant that potty training had to move back to the forefront.  Making the transition back into underwear was actually much smoother than we expected it to be.  Really, she had only one accident after we put her back into underwear.  All in all we were pleased with how quickly she picked up the good habits again and were content to have her in underwear while she was awake and deal with having to change her for naps and overnight.

But that isn’t what ended up happening.  A few days ago Kaylee woke up in the morning and her diaper was dry.  Now that’s happened once or twice in her life, but nothing consistent.  I made a big deal about what a big girl she was and took her potty, but didn’t really think anything more of it.  We got through the morning with no accidents and she was being extra good about letting me know when she needed to go.

When nap time came she insisted on going to bed with her underwear on.  She absolutely did not want to go to sleep in her diaper.  I figured it was worth a shot, though I didn’t expect any miracles.  I was pleasantly surprised when at the end of nap I found her asleep and dry as she could be.  She got up and went potty just like she’d done it every day for her whole life.  Suddenly I realized that we may have finally turned a corner.

Still, I was cautious in my optimism.  Just because she’d had one dry night and made it through one nap didn’t mean that she was done with diapers.  The rest of the day progressed as the morning had.  That night I decided to take a chance.  I put her to bed in her underwear.  She got out of bed two times between her bedtime and when Matt and I went to bed so that she could go to the bathroom.  She finally fell asleep and I fully expected to wake up in the middle of the night to her crying because her bed was all wet.

So you can imagine my surprise when my alarm went off the next morning and I hadn’t heard a peep out of her.  Not that that meant anything.  Brendan has always been able to sleep through accidents and not realize anything until the next morning.  It wasn’t until I got her out of bed that I realized that she was dry again.  Now I knew for sure that we had actually turned that elusive corner.  I knew there would be setbacks, but it seemed that she was finally ready to be rid of diapers for good.

Since then we’ve had her exclusively in underwear, and she’s been dry for days.  She had one small accident a couple of nights ago.  She’d fallen asleep watching a cartoon and didn’t ask us if she could go potty.  Well, the unthinkable happened and she wet the bed.  She woke up just before 10 and cried like there was no tomorrow.  She was so upset about the accident, and nothing we said would console her.  After a fresh pair of pajamas and sheets she finally began to calm down and went back to sleep.

All in all things are definitely looking up.  I haven’t thrown out her diapers just yet, but I’m pretty sure that we have finally seen our last diaper change.  And to that I say hallelujah!


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