Diaper Free Zone

When I started writing about Kaylee potty training last summer I optimistically wrote that I was hoping to be done buying diapers by the end of summer vacation.  Well that jinxed me.  We had issues and relapses and everything else you can imagine to the point where we just gave up the ghost for a while and put her fully back into diapers around Christmastime.

As I said a few posts ago, starting pre-school meant getting back onto the potty training bandwagon.  Things were going fairly smoothly on that front.  Kaylee even started showing signs that she was ready to be out of diapers overnight.  She’d had a few dry nights in a row and was able to sleep in her underwear at naptime as well.  But despite those improvements I still wasn’t willing to call her fully potty trained or to get rid of our diaper stash.  And I am glad that I didn’t.  She had a brief bout of diarrhea one night that we put her back into diapers for.  We explained that her poops were sick and that the diaper would help make them better.  Thankfully the next morning she was over her issue and back into underwear she went.

Then, early last week something changed in our house and it was only then that I was finally ready to declare our house diaper free.  Cameron has been having some sleep issues for a while now and we’ve been seeing someone to help him through the issue.  Since the middle of December he’s finally been sleeping through the night and not coming into our room in the middle of the night.  Once in a while he will have a nightmare or something that will still bring him to our room, but I can count on one hand the number of times it’s happened since December.

Last Monday around 3:00 in the morning I was jolted awake by something tickling my knee.  It turned out to be Cameron.  His pajama tops had brushed up against my knee (which was hanging out of the blankets over the edge of the bed) as he made his way to come and see me.  No nightmare this time, just a brief relapse to his old habits.  I hugged and kissed him and sent him back to his own bed.  Once he was gone I tried, unsuccessfully, to get back to sleep.  Now that I was awake I realized I was roasting in my blankets and even having our fan on high was doing nothing to make me comfortable.

I tossed, turned, and lightly dozed for about another 30 minutes.  Just as I was getting close to fully falling asleep there was a small sound at my bedroom door.  This time it turned out to be Kaylee.  I was quite surprised by this because I can count on one hand the number of times she’s gotten up in the middle of the night her whole life.  Unlike the boys, she’s never really been a nighttime wanderer.  One look at her face though told me why she was out of bed.  I quickly asked, “Do you need to go potty?”  And with a desperation that can only be achieved by an overly full bladder she nodded.

I guided her across the house to the kids bathroom and turned on the light for her.  She got undressed and did her thing, then after washing up climbed gratefully back into her bed and went right back to sleep.  I meanwhile stumbled across the house back to my own bed and though I had finally cooled off enough to sleep I was now wide awake.  I lay there trying to fall back asleep until around 4:00 before finally giving up and getting up for the day.  The only up side to my late night visitors was that I had almost 2 hours of peace and quiet before anyone in my house began stirring.

Getting up that early made for a really long Monday, but as I reflected back on the incident in the light of day I realized that if Kaylee was at the point that she could rouse herself out of bed in the middle of the night to make a trip to the bathroom, then she was truly ready to be completely done with her diapers.  Although it’s been just about a month since I have changed a diaper I still can’t quite believe it’s over.  It feels like this is a brief respite and soon we will be mired down in diapers galore again.

Many of my friends have announced recently that they are expecting, and their happiness and excitement has stirred something inside me that briefly made me want another child.  The feeling was quickly squashed by remembering all the work that we’ve put in to get our kids to this point.  We are finally at the stage where all three are pretty much independent.  There is very little we have to do for any of them on a regular basis any more and that is very liberating.  Besides, would I really want to start over with another kid in diapers?  No thanks!

I am declaring this house a diaper free zone.


One thought on “Diaper Free Zone

  1. Hey…Cheers for your liberation. I agree potty training is a lot of hard work for the parent being myself in that phase currently. I dream my house to be a diaper free zone too someday 🙂

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