Wait For It…

There are days that I absolutely can not believe the things that come out of my children’s mouths.  And I know that in a few years the memories of these humorous comments will fade and I’ll only have a vague recollection of some of the things that my kids have said.  Even now, I will remember here and there things that Brendan used to say that amuse me, but I know there was so much more that I wish I had written down at the time.

The other day I was going through some of my old Facebook status updates and I found a little gem from back in March 2011 where Cameron was sitting at the kitchen table eating a snack while I prepared dinner.  Pretty soon he was holding his chin and sobbing his little heart out and when I asked him what happened he pointed to the table and said, “It hit me!”  Who knew that my kitchen table had such violent tendencies.  Better still not even a week after that happened he was eating his lunch and bit into a hot pizza roll before exclaiming, “The pizza roll bit me!!”

Ah yes, my Cameron has always been a bit of a drama king.  But funny as those incidents are nothing compares to Kaylee recently.  Between the whole “elbows” thing she’s got going on and now her new fart kick, we’ve got a little comedian on our hands.  Yeah you read that right, she’s totally into fart jokes as of late, and the best one happened the other night while I was at a hockey game.

Matt was home with the three kids, just chilling out for the evening.  Evidently at some point during the evening Matt hears Kaylee begin to chant, “Wait for it…wait for it…” before gleefully erupting with, “I TOOTED!!!” and bursting into hysterical giggles.  Well, that on it’s own is enough to make anyone laugh just a little bit, but she didn’t just do it once, she did it over and over and over again all evening long.  Apparently she found it even more amusing than Matt did.

With hilarity like that who needs outside entertainment?  The real question now is, what will they think of next?


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