Baby’s First Field Trip

It’s been more than a month now, and Kaylee still loves pre-school just as much as she did when she started, if not more so.  Everyday the one question I can guarantee she will ask me is how many more sleeps til pre-school.  Brendan used to be like that, obsessed about counting down to an event.  But where Kaylee just asks and is content with the number of days remaining Brendan would often get crabby or upset at how much longer he had to wait.  I’m hoping Kaylee’s love for school will last when she starts elementary school, but I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime she’s had lots of fun experiences at school.  She was thrilled beyond belief when they got to go outside and play a couple of weeks ago.  Up until that point they hadn’t gone outside because it’s been so bitterly cold.  Every time we’d pass the playground on the side of the building she’d ask if she would get to go outside and play that day.  I got very good at dancing around the issue because I was never sure if it would be warm enough.

But despite having to stay indoors so much, there were still a great many things to do and explore in the classroom.  She gets to play with play-doh, paint with water colors, play with dolls, build with blocks, and so much more.  She rarely does the same thing twice, she’s always looking for new activities to explore, and she really gets mad when I stay and hover over her to see what she’s doing.  She expects me to drop her off and stay just long enough to hang her coat on it’s hook.  Then it’s “see you later mom” and off she goes.

That’s why I wasn’t too concerned about her when the sign up sheets came out for her very first field trip.  They’d get to go across town to a little pottery shop where you can paint your own pottery.  Parents could sign up to go with their child and if they did so the kids would ride to the field trip with their parents instead of on the daycare van.  Knowing how much Kaylee would want to ride the daycare van (or “bus” as she calls it) I purposely chose not to sign up to go.

And I’m so glad I didn’t.  Kaylee had watched Cameron go on monthly field trips last year and so she had a pretty good idea of how things would go.  When we climbed out of the car that morning she reached right back in to grab her car seat, which had already been labeled with her name.  She wanted to carry it across the parking lot but it was just too big and bulky for her so I took it instead.  We dropped it in the entry way with all of the other car seats and took her down to class.

While I was not the only parent not going on the field trip I was definitely in the minority.  Kaylee has 13 kids in her class and only 5 were in the classroom that morning.  The rest would be going directly to the field trip with their parents.  There were a couple of field trips that I couldn’t attend with Cameron last year and both times he was very upset that I wouldn’t be going, but not Kaylee.  She could have cared less about whether or not I was there so long as she got to ride on the bus to get there and back.

After the field trip I went to pick her up and she was bubbling over with excitement about her day.  I expected to hear all sorts of stories about what she did at the pottery place, but instead all I heard about was her trip on the bus.  Who she sat by and which row she got to sit in.  You’d think she’d just had her first experience in a luxury limousine instead of a beat up old 15 passenger van.  The experience was so exciting for her that I never did get to hear about what she did on her field trip, this eclipsed it too much.

Well there’s always next time I suppose.  Though I’m beginning to wonder if she’ll ever want me to go on a field trip with her, of if she’ d rather just ride the bus.


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