Where is this year going?  The last time I checked it was March and now suddenly it’s May.  What in the world happened to April?  It pretty much flew by in a haze of business.

Cameron’s birthday party was just a few days after my last blog post.  He had invited a bunch of his classmates to a local business which has nothing but bounce houses in it.  Like last year we had a 100% turnout for his party and were expecting approximately 10 kids to show up (we did get a bit smarter and invite less kids this year).  Unfortunately the night before Cameron’s party Kaylee came down with the flu.  For days she ran a 103 fever.  We were hoping it might be a short lived bug (like the kind we all came down with at the beginning of February) so that she might be better in time to attend the party, but alas, that was not the case.

With no time to contact all the parents and a non-refundable deposit on the line we made the decision to have Matt miss the party and stay home with Kaylee while I went to wrestle almost a dozen 6 year olds by myself.  Lucky for me my brother and Matt’s sister both stayed to help out so the party wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared.  My only regret was that Matt had to miss out on the fun.  He’d had to miss Brendan’s actual birthday since he was out of town and now he’d missed Cameron’s party.

The following week didn’t get any less busy either.  Cameron was supposed to have his 6 year checkup at the pediatrician’s office but I had inadvertently scheduled it on the same day as his class field trip and since I didn’t want him to miss that I rescheduled the appointment.  Kaylee and Brendan both had fieldtrips that same week as well.  Plus Brendan was getting ready for the state math test that week which meant that he had extra homework each night.

The week after that craziness really set in because I realized how unprepared we were for Easter.  Thankfully I was thinking clearly in mid-March and had done all of my Easter Bunny shopping (well except for the candy, but that was easily rectified), and had remembered to purchase the dye and white vinegar before they became scarce in the stores.  But now I had to find time in our busy schedule to dye the eggs, find where I’d stashed all the little gifts, fill the plastic eggs with money (we don’t hide the dyed ones since we eat them for Easter dinner, and I don’t put candy in them since my kids aren’t huge candy eaters), dig the Easter baskets out of storage…the list went on and on.  This was the most unprepared I’ve ever been for a holiday.  At 9:00 the night before Easter I was still desperately trying to finish everything that needed done.  But it did get done and the kids were none the wiser.

That same week we had a new problem arise.  I went to the kitchen on Wednesday morning of that week to start my dishes and my secondary sink (the side without the disposal) started to back up, which I found odd.  I opened up my cabinet to see if I could see anything underneath and lo and behold my sink was leaking buckets of water.  Long story short my garbage disposal had cracked and needed to be replaced.  Not exactly what I was wanting to do that week, but it’s not like I can survive without it.  Thankfully we have lots of family members who are quite handy and my dad was able to help Matt replace it without calling a plumber.

That Saturday (the day before Easter) Brendan had signed up for a private cello lesson at the high school.  It was a really good experience for Brendan, he enjoyed it thoroughly.  We picked up a card to look into getting him private lessons this summer, but have been so busy that we haven’t called to see what the cost of those lessons would be yet.  I have to say I am really pleased with the music program in our school district.  They are very encouraging to the kids and give them lots of opportunities to play their instruments in more than just the classroom setting.  Not only that but they keep things affordable as well.  Brendan’s private lesson at the high school was only $7 and the summer camp offered by the district is only $40 for a week long camp.

During all of this my family was anticipating the birth of my brother’s baby.  His wife was due to have the baby in mid-April but we were all taking bets that she’d never make it past the single digits of the month.  But the little bugger must have been warm and cozy in her womb because three days after her due date the doctor finally issued an eviction notice.  Even then it took him most of the day to finally emerge.  I would have loved to go and see them as soon as he was born but with activity not abating in my house it wasn’t until he was 10 days old that I finally made it out to see them.

With Easter over I was hoping things might start to calm down some, but no such luck.  Cameron finally had his checkup with his pediatrician which meant that I was going to have to pull him out of school early that day.  On the morning of the appointment he woke up with a stomach ache and eventually threw what little breakfast he’d eaten up all over his bed sheets.  With that I was forced to keep him home for the day.  My frustration was that I knew he wasn’t sick.  He’d refused point blank to eat any of his dinner the night before and that meant he hadn’t eaten since 11:00 am the day before, almost 20 hours by the time we ate breakfast.  I knew if I could just get a little food into him that his stomach would settle down and he’d be fine.  It took a few tries and a few more heaves before I was successful.  Cleaning up after him made for a really long day.  One of these days I’m sure he’ll learn how to hit the bucket…

After that incident Brendan had his spring Orchestra concert which meant a lot of rushing around on the night of his concert trying to get everyone fed and Brendan dressed and ready to go.  The night after that was the kids school carnival.  I had volunteered to work one of the booths which meant Matt had to try and corral all three kids through the carnival on his own for most of the night, but I’m pretty sure I worked just as hard at the bean bag toss.  We had a constant line of kids at the booth wanting to play the game, and with 20,000 people in the gymnasium that night it made for some hot and sweaty work.

Finally it was the last weekend in April.  Not understanding quite how busy our month was going to be we had arranged for some of Matt’s friends to come over for a cookout to celebrate Matt’s birthday.  Unfortunately I hadn’t kept up on the house as well as I should have with all of the other things that we’d had going on and made for a very busy couple of days leading up to that cookout.  But the weather cooperated and while it was too windy to eat outside we were able to open the house up and enjoy spring breezes through the windows.

On Sunday we all collapsed into a heap and were thankful that April was coming to a close.  May is only slightly less busy for us than April was, but hopefully we will have a little time to breathe between activities.  With less than 4 weeks left of school, it should make for an interesting month.


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