At Your Own Risk

Today was one of those days.  From the moment the alarm went off this morning at 7:00 my house was filled with the constant noise of children bickering and crying.  Between breakfast and lunch I broke up at least a dozen arguments and sent at least one kid to their bedroom on four separate occasions.

By the time lunch was over I was quite ready for a break.  Cameron and Kaylee were both put into their rooms for rest.  Meanwhile Brendan was given the choice of either playing in the basement by himself or laying down in my bedroom with a movie so that I could have the living room to myself for a good hour or so.  He chose to lay down which was perfectly fine with me.  I was hoping that by the time they finished with their rests their attitudes would have changed and we could have a much better afternoon.

Alas that was not to be my fate.  The kids seemed happier at first, we worked on our alphabet train after rest (that’s our big project for the summer) and they were content to be working on their train cars.  But all too soon they began arguing over art supplies and ordering each other around.  I called a halt to the project sooner than I normally do because I was so tired of the bickering.  Needless to say by the time bedtime rolled around I was at my wits end.

And the bedtime routine offered me no relief from the whining that I’d endured for the day.  Kaylee began to insist that she wasn’t tired and she didn’t want to go to bed.  It took a full 20 minutes to get her into pajamas, teeth brushed, and tucked into her bed.  Relieved to have at least one child in bed I went back to the living room to deal with the other two until their bedtime.

The time finally came for the boys to get into bed and I was more than happy to get them into bed.  My spirits began to lift as I realized I’d made it through the day.  After getting the boys safely tucked in I headed for the laundry room to grab some clothes out of the dryer.  As I walked past Kaylee’s bedroom I looked inside.

For being so insistent that she wasn’t tired, she was already laying on her side staring at the wall and her blinks were getting longer and longer.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was out for the night.  A few minutes later I went back to the laundry room a second time and as I walked by her room again I saw she was asleep but had kicked all her blankets to the floor.

I stood in her doorway for a few moments just enjoying the sight of my little girl sleeping peacefully.  It did a lot to erase the pent up frustrations of my noisy day.  As I went to leave I looked again at the pile of blankets heaped on her floor.  I’m the type of person that can not sleep without some sort of cover, no matter how hot it is.  So I tiptoed into her room and grabbed a blanket off the floor and gently swung it over top of her.

As soon as the blanket touched her body one eye popped open and looked around for the source that disturbed her sleep.  She focused on me and let out a very croaky, very grumpy, “What?”  I smiled down at her and said I thought she looked cold so I covered her up.  She frowned, patted the blanket and said, “Well, I wasn’t.” And with that she rolled over and went back to sleep.

One thing you learn as a mom, if your child is asleep you disturb them at your own risk.  At least in this case Kaylee was too tired to get up and argue with me some more.  I guess this time I poked the sleeping bear and lived to tell about it.


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