Mini Me

Everyone I talk to says that Kaylee looks just like me.  Those who knew me as a small child will even go so far as to say she’s my clone.  There’s even quite a bit of her personality that mirrors my own, but there’s one area where she and I are absolutely nothing alike and that is in shyness.

At three, Kaylee is not afraid of anything.  She will jump into a new situation with both feet absolutely confident at all times.  When I was her age that was definitely not the case.  I don’t know how I came off to the adults around me, but I can tell you that if my parents had put me into a camp at age three I would have been sitting in the corner unwilling to talk to any of the other kids and too afraid to ask what I was allowed to do.

Even as I got older things didn’t get any easier for me.  I did very few activities as a child because I was too afraid to try something new.  The few times I did do activities they were overall very good experiences, but I just couldn’t get past being to shy and scared to want to do them very often.  Cameron seems to have inherited that trait from me and we are trying to work with him now to get a handle on his shyness.  It’s something that I never learned to deal with growing up and it wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties and in the workforce that I finally had to learn to deal with the issue if I was going to be successful at my job.  We’re hoping that by dealing with it now Cameron won’t have this problem when he grows up.

As for Kaylee, she seems to suffer none of those apprehensions.  Most kids cry, or at least get a little upset when you drop them off somewhere for the first time.  Not Kaylee.  If I hover, for even a few seconds, she demands to know why I’m still there and why I haven’t left her to be a big girl yet.  She’s also the only kid I know that consistently cries when you go to pick her up from a fun activity.  She’s generally having so much fun that she’s not ready to leave and is mad as heck that you’re there to pick her up already.

I’ve learned to deal with my own shyness, and most people I meet are quite surprised to hear that despite my outward boisterous personality that deep down inside I still to this day quake with fear when placed in a new situation.  I am glad that is not something Kaylee inherited from me because dealing with it has never been very much fun.  I would guess that she is going to be the most active of my three kids because she is definitely the one who loves to try new things.


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