Timing is Everything

Timing really is everything.

I never realized how important it would be for me to stay at home with my kids until I was staying at home with them on a day to day basis.  There are so many times that I’ve stopped and thought to myself how difficult, or impossible something would have been to get done if I were still working.

My first year as a stay at home mom it seemed like the kids were sick non-stop.  I finally stopped counting the number of days that I would have had to take off of work to be at home with this sick kid or that sick kid.  As it was I generally burned through a lot of my time off just getting kids to the doctors for checkups much less staying home because they were sick.

If I hadn’t stayed at home for Cameron’s last year of pre-school I would have never seen how out of hand he was becoming, nor realized as early as I did that we really needed to do something about it.  Prior to staying home it was more of a question of if he just hadn’t matured yet and was still in the midst of his terrible two’s/three’s or if he was just so wild at home because he had pent up energy from spending the entire day in daycare.  Once I was at home with him 24 hours a day it became quite apparent that this went much further than a rambunctious child and we were able to get him the things he needed while he was still in Kindergarten.

But it’s more than just that.  Timing is everything in the kids lives as well.

Brendan’s all time favorite teacher moved around a bit at our school.  She taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade during the time we’ve been at the school.  Kindergarten was a tough year for us as we learned the in’s and out’s of our elementary school and adjusted to the help Brendan would and wouldn’t receive in school as compared to what he’d gotten as a toddler and pre-schooler.  Compound all that with him having a Kindergarten teacher that Matt and I didn’t get along with very well and it made for a somewhat stressful school year.

We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for him to have in first grade because it helped us see how things could (and for the most part would) be for the remaining years he spent in elementary school.  Communication flowed back and forth between school and home, she helped us put into place a few things to help Brendan even more, and she was so sweet and wonderful that he just adored her.

Second grade was a bit of a disappointment after that, but we made it through that school year just in time for his all time favorite teacher to move up to teaching third grade.  We thought there was no way that we’d be lucky enough to have her again, but we were wrong.  Another successful year with his teacher was just what we needed to wash away the unpleasant memories of second grade.

His teacher was still around while Brendan was in fourth grade, just down the hall from his classroom.  Which was really nice for him since he struggled so much with being picked on by his classmates that year.  Knowing that when he really needed to he could walk down the hall and see a friendly face helped him get through the school year one day at a time.

This year she’s moved on to another elementary school and while we were all very disappointed to know that her smiling face wouldn’t be roaming the halls of our elementary school any more it was a good time for her to move further out of Brendan’s life.  Next fall he will be moving onto middle school, and having to deal with not having his teacher around while he’s still in a familiar setting was so much easier on him I think than waiting until he was in a whole new school.

Even his fifth grade teacher (whom he actually rates almost as highly as his first and third grade teacher–a feat we never thought we’d actually see) is a matter of timing as well.  Up until Brendan was in third grade his current teacher was a building facilitator for our school.  But last year they reorganized how our school was structured and they moved him from building facilitation to teaching fifth grade.

Because he was the building facilitator for so long just about every kid in the school knew him and they all adored him.  Knowing that Brendan would be going into fifth grade this fall we hoped against hope that there might be a chance that he’d end up with this teacher.  His personality and teaching style seemed to fit the type of things that would be just right for Brendan.  Knowing the way our luck runs, we knew the chances of Brendan actually ending up in his class would be slim at best (actually it was a 25% chance since there are only 4 fifth grade teachers this year) but still we hoped.  Somehow the scheduling gods were with us again and placed Brendan into the class we were hoping for, and as suspected it’s really been the best thing for him.

It is absolutely amazing to me that the right teachers were in the right places at the exact time that Brendan needed them most.



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