Making Adjustments Part 1

Looking back, the last time I put out a blog post was the weekend after I broke my leg.  At the time I could think of no worse situation to find myself in than to be less than a week at a new job, in the midst of selling my home, being unable to house hunt and not having a house purchased, all while sending the kids back to school (and in the case of two of them a brand new school).

Now that almost 5 months have passed, and the dust has finally begun to settle, things ended up working out about as well as they could considering the situation my fall had put us into.  It wasn’t perfect, but with the help of family and friends we managed to work out a schedule for getting kids to and from school every day.  We had just over 30 days between when I broke my leg and the date the buyers needed to close on our house.  Matt worked his tail off to take care of the kids, pack the house, and still hold down a full time job.  I did what I could, but there wasn’t a lot I could do while encumbered with crutches and a cast.  With the move behind us, I was finally able to go back to work and begin to adjust to my new role as a part time stay at home mom of three school aged children.

I was thrilled when I got the go ahead from my doctor to return to work.  I am not the sitting around type and I had had more than my fill of sitting still for 6 long weeks.  I wasn’t out of my boot, but at least I was finally off crutches.  My first week of work was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.  I’d been feeling somewhat overwhelmed in the two days of training that I’d had back in August, and now I was coming in almost two months behind everyone else.  The staff at my school were awesome though and they helped me adjust and get up to speed in just a few days.

Home life has been somewhat of a larger adjustment.  When I started staying home Kaylee was only 18 months old, not much more than a baby.  I struggled to keep up with the housework as I constantly had a tiny tornado following me around and undoing what I’d just done.  I thought as she grew older and more independent things would become easier, and they did for a little while.  As the kids grew older, however, so did the complexity of their schedules.  Still I managed to keep the house from completely falling apart.

I knew going back to work would really alter what I could and could not get accomplished during the day, but at first it was difficult to determine what that change would look like.  For the entire first month that I was working I spent my every spare moment unpacking boxes.  I realized I had spent the better part of the last 6 months either packing or unpacking boxes.

Now that we are more settled and all the boxes are finally unpacked it is more evident what this change in my life really means.  I have approximately 90 minutes in the morning between when I drop off all the kids at school and when I have to be at work.  That means I can usually get one or two things accomplished in the morning if I put my mind to it.  I’ve found it best to plan in advance what I want to accomplish otherwise I spend about half of the time I could be working on things just deciding what to do.

More than that though I find myself not coming home in the mornings, and just going to school with the kids.  I spent a lot of last school year volunteering in Cameron’s classroom.  Pretty much any time that Kaylee was in preschool I was up at the elementary school.  After I ran out of boxes to unpack at home I found myself missing the sense of pride and accomplishment I got from helping out.  So now, I spend a great deal of my mornings helping out wherever I can.

The other project I’ve taken on that eats up quite a bit of my time is joining the Girl Scouts.  Kaylee joined the Daisy Scouts in August and I volunteered to be one of her troop leaders.  I wasn’t sure how that endeavor was going to go at first.  I’d been a scout myself in 3rd grade and that lasted exactly one year before I’d had enough of it.  But after watching how Cameron’s Boy Scout pack was being run and assuming I could do it better if I were in charge myself, I figured it was time to put up or shut up.

Starting a Girl Scout troop has been much more complicated than I would have thought possible, but now that we are mostly up and running things are getting much easier.  I’m a very organized person and I love to plan things out.  My c0-leader is an art teacher and very good at the creative aspect of the troop.  Together we make a great team.  We are only a few months in, but already I’m enjoying the Girl Scout experience a whole lot more than I did when I was the scout.

All in all, it’s been an absolutely crazy few months, and I’m learning to adjust to my new roles as working mom and troop leader.  But I’m not the only one who is adjusting.  The rest of my family has been learning new roles as well.  More on them next time.


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