Making Adjustments Part 4

Little miss Kaylee has been truly amazing in adjusting to her new changes.  When we were going through the early entrance testing to get her into kindergarten I knew I was making the right decision.  Even with that, I had a brief bit of doubt right before school that while she could manage it that she just wouldn’t fit in.

Those doubts are long gone.  Kaylee is definitely having no social troubles at school.  Well, I take that back.  Her trouble is the fact that she is too social.  In fact she’s had to be moved a few times at school because she can’t keep her socializing to recess time.

Despite that obstacle she is doing quite well in kindergarten.  When we went for conferences in October, her teacher told us that they were testing the kids on how far they could count and that Kaylee could count all the way to 40.  Then she added that she could probably count even further than that but they stopped her at 40 because that was well past where she needed to be at that point.

So while my daughter might be a bit young to be in kindergarten, I absolutely would not change my decision to put her into school when we did.  She’s proven that she can handle it and I think it would have been a huge mistake to hold her back for another year.  I’m interested to see if her learning curve stays this steep as we move onto first grade and beyond.

The only member of the family I haven’t discussed adjustments for is my hubby.  It’s not that he hasn’t been adjusting like the rest of us, it’s just that there isn’t much to tell.  He changed jobs in April and like any job there’s been a bit of a learning curve with it.  The timing of the move during the first few months of his new job probably didn’t help his stress level any, but he’s come through like a champ.

So that’s it.  That is how my family has been adjusting to all the changes and upheavals in our life since we made the decision to move out of our home of 10 years.  While we are physically settled into our new house, it doesn’t quite feel like home yet.  Kaylee’s room is still blue (the previous occupant was a boy), a lot of the walls need to be painted from where pictures hung, and the basement still sits unfinished.  But every day we are working to get the house fixed up the way we want it to be, and before we know it this house will be as much like home as our previous one was, if not better.


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