Welcome to the Nerd Side

Matt and I have always been huge fans of the Star Wars franchise.  We’ve seen all of the movies, read most of the books, and even been to a convention or two.  So back when Brendan was 8 we decided that it was time to introduce him to the movies. At the time he said […]

Screentime Rant

I have never been a big fan of my kids playing video games non stop.  I have spent years fighting the good fight and limiting the amount of time they spend in front of a TV or device.  I’ve always felt as though I was doing well with my anti-electronics campaign, at least until last […]

Chips Ahoy

This summer I have started a new reward program with my kids.  I got the idea from some friends of ours who told us about a program they were doing with their daughter.  We made some minor tweaks so it would work for us, but the essence of the idea is still the same. The […]