Welcome to the Nerd Side

Matt and I have always been huge fans of the Star Wars franchise.  We’ve seen all of the movies, read most of the books, and even been to a convention or two.  So back when Brendan was 8 we decided that it was time to introduce him to the movies.

At the time he said that he enjoyed them, but as he paid little to no attention to the movies as they were playing we weren’t really sure that was true. Since then he’s shown a passing interest here and there when the subject of Star Wars is brought up but expressed no desire to watch the movies again. That meant that when The Force Awakens was released late last year we didn’t bother taking the kids to the theater.  Why spend all that money on movie tickets for a movie that they’d shown little to no interest in.

Then a few months ago Matt bought a new game for he and the boys to play, Star Wars:  X-Wing.  If you aren’t familiar with the game, the basic explanation is that you have little miniatures of the ships from the movies and books and you move them around the table in battles.  Both of the boys were immediately taken with the game.  Cameron has some trouble focusing through some of the longer games, but even with his attention span (or lack there of) he enjoys playing.  Kaylee even requests to have a battle once in a while though she ends up flying her ships off the table more often than actually doing battle.

Brendan is, by far, the one most interested in the game.  He and daddy battle on a regular basis and even occasionally go up to one of the local game shops to play.  Playing the game so frequently has given him quite a bit of interest in the ships that are represented in the game and he began to want to see them in action.  So we decided that maybe it was time to dust off the movies and introduce Brendan to them again.

Our journey began last night with The Phantom Menace and I’m sure that some of our friends who are die hard fans of the series would be shaking their heads that we started him off with what’s considered to be the absolute worst movie in the series, but we felt that it would make more sense to Brendan if we showed the movies in chronological order.

We weren’t sure how invested Brendan would get in the movie because none of the ships he’s played with in the game appear in the first three Star Wars movies, but as it turns out he loved it.  According to him it was the best movie he’d ever seen.  That gives me hope that he will enjoy the remaining movies in the series even more, but as he spent the bulk of the movie laughing hysterically at Jar Jar Binks…well I can only shake my head at that.

All I know is that its really nice that Brendan and Matt have this to share.  I admit I’m a huge fan too, but Brendan doesn’t seem to connect with me on this subject like he does with Matt, and that’s okay.  I just stand back and let the boys have their fun.

Welcome to the Nerd Side Brendan.




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