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Diary of a Mom began as Facebook status updates I did during my first summer of being a stay at home mom.  A number of family and friends began to look forward to seeing them posted out there and I got the idea to put my updates into blog form and share them.  These are the original Facebook posts (typos and all) that lead up to my first entry in the blog.

Diary of a mom…day 1.  The kids were determined to press their boundaries and test my patience.  Last night both the 4 year old and the baby decided to poop in places that REALLY weren’t designed for that.  The 8 year old had a great day until dinner then spent 90 minutes screaming.  But best of all I got to use the phrase “We don’t use mashed potatoes as fingerpaint” during dinner.  Just one more hour til baths and bed.

Diary of a mom…day 2.  Things ran much smoother than yesterday.  No screaming and no pooping.  Thought the day would go off without a hitch, that is until some boisterous splashing left an inch of water all over my bathroom floor.  Let the migraine begin…

Diary of a mom…day 3.  Ahhh…the weekend.  Wait, you mean I don’t get a break from my everyday job now?  Ah crap!!  🙂  Today’s adventure was simming.  Kiddos loved it.  Mom loved it too.  Except for the leak in the pool.  That cut our adventure pretty short.  Although I think the kids may have loved the leaking water more than the water just standing in the pool.  On the plus side, the kids are starting to recognize the routine I’m setting out.  Each day that passes has them under control and less crazy for longer periods of time.  Summer should be a lot of fun.

Diary of a mom…day 4. I almost forgot to post my update. Today was completely uneventful, just the way I like it. We got some housecleaning done in the morning, took naps, then ran some errands. The evening was capped off with a viewing of Attack of the Clones. Though as Bren complained of boredness halfway through the movie, I’m thinking we don’t have a next generation Star Wars geek on our hands. 

Diary of a mom…day 5. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Took the kids fishing in Papillion, and followed it up with a picnic. They got to spend a gorgeous afternoon running around the park with their cousins while I got to spend some quality time under a shady tree. This evening was finished with a viewing of Star Wars episode 3 (see my prev post) and Cam’s first home haircut which were both met with rave reviews. If every day were like this, everyone would be a stay at home mom. I know today was too good to be true and I’m bracing for tomorrow’s reality check.

 Diary of a mom…day 6. 30 minute screaming fit…check Soiled underwear during nap…check 2 very disgusting diapers at the park…check Reality…CHECK

Diary of a mom…day 7.  I had absolutely no energy yesterday. I’ve been trying to get over the cold Kaylee gave me for 10 days but the darn cough just keeps hanging on. So, i hadn’t got much sleep. The kids and I spent the day watching cartoons and napping. That was about it. It was an epic fail on the housewife front, but today is a brand new day. (as I sit on my bed and type this instead of cleaning…)

 Diary of a mom…day 8.  Our routine is starting to gel as I figure out how much time to allot for things. It hasn’t helped with meltdowns much yet, but daddy suggested last night that we post the schedule, and I’m thinking of reviving Brendan’s penny program once our garage sale is over. We finished the Star Wars trilogy last night, so now he’s seen all 6 movies. At last check 4 was his favorite one, but it didn’t seem to me like he paid much attention to any of the original trilogy.

Diary of a mom…day 9.  Felt like Supermom today. Out adventures included a blanket fort, play-doh, and baking cookies along with a Garfield and Friends marathon. In between all of that I got some deep cleaning done on the upstairs. Phew, busy day…I am soooooo ready for bed. Night all!

Diary of a mom…day 10. Enjoyed a relaxing day with some of our friends yesterday. While I still had my mom duties to attend to, it was nice to focus on some of my needs as well. On a sad note, we were going to allow Bren to have a friend spend the night, but when we tried to call the number was disconnected. We walked to his house (they live just a couple streets away) and it looks like they’re moving and may have already moved. Bren was devastated. He said “when I see him at school next year I’m going to have a talk with him about this”. Then I had to explain that his friend might go to a different school. Poor B, life’s lessons can be brutal.

Diary of a mom…day 17.  Garage sale is finally over and I can get back to my primary task, whining about the kids on Facebook. 🙂 It has been a very interesting week during my diary hiatus. Cam decided to jump down my stairs and sliced his head open. I thought we were going to have our second ever trip to the ER (yes diary fans, we’ve only been once so far in 8+ years). But I was able to get the bleeding stopped and there will only be a small scar in his hair.  The kids were a great help in setting up and during the sale.  We took them out to dinner as thanks last night.  Cam did have a little trouble understanding that these people were not borrowing his toys, but taking them for good.  He kept wanting to know when they’d bring them back.  I also went shopping at other sales looking for clothes the kids can grow into.  Those that know me well know what a big step that was for me, I have a huge phobia about used clothes.  But $10 got me quite a few things for the princess.  Until tomorrow…good night.

Diary of a mom…supplemental.  Brendan’s other reward for helping was to have a friend spend the night. Sadly his friend started feeling sick around 8:15 and went home. Bren was crushed. Feelings were soon mended with a Popsicle and an episode of Animaniacs. Oh to be a kid again.

Diary of a mom…day 18.  Today’s activities included…nothing. Everyone in the house took some much needed rest today. Well except the baby. I don’t know if it was. Because I was so tired or if she actually had more energy than usual, but she was very active today, and was climbing over everyone, even the boys. Now everyone’s in bed, and daddy and I get to relax and listen to the rainstorm.

Diary of a mom…days 19 and 20.  This week the boys are attending Star Wars camp down at the children’s museum. This has meant very early wake up calls for everyone, and I must say the boys are not thrilled with that part. Luckily they seem to be enjoying camp though I’ve had a hard time getting much from them about what they do for 3 hours. Meanwhile the princess and I have been spending our mornings hanging out with her aunt while the boys are at camp.  She is such a little parrot.  She tries to do all the things the grownups are doing, its so stinking adorable.  Biggest downside of the week is the lack of naps for the 4 year old.  It’s made him quite a bear.  Here’s hoping when I make him nap next week he might understand why…

Diary of a mom…day 21.  First of all, I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks.  The time has been flying.  In just 9 short weeks I’ll have a 3rd grader.  That just doesn’t seem possible.  The big announcement out of our home today is that Mr. Cameron will be joining the ranks of those with glasses.  Apparently he’s started developing a lazy eye and these will hopefully prevent the need for an eye patch later.  A rambunctious 4 year old in glasses, this ought to be fun.  I thought having an 18 month old in glasses was bad when we did that with Bren, but I’m truly thinking this might be worse.  We shall see…

Diary of a mom…days 22-24.  Having the boys in camp made our schedule so crazy that I couldn’t find the time or energy to update.  But they had a great time so it was well worth it.  What I can’t figure out how if we weren’t home all week, how the house could turn into a disaster area.  I spent the entire morning just trying to get my kitchen back in order.  Next week should go a little smoother.  We’ve got a few play dates planned, but not much else which will be a nice change.  Cam didn’t handle the lack of nap very well, so it’ll definitely be nice to get him back on routine. 

Diary of a mom…day 25.  Got a lot accomplished today. The kids and I made French toast for daddy this morning, then spent some time getting their toys organized in the basement. After that we spent the day with Matt’s family, and the kids got to go swimming. We capped off the evening watching Shrek as a family, and Brendan is very excited that we’ll be having a Shrek marathon all week. Cam is having his first play date on Wednesday and he is super excited, mommy is too.

Diary of a mom…day 26. Today’s lesson, thank god for daddy!  It was somewhat of a hellish afternoon, Cam absolutely refused to nap. That wouldn’t be so bad if he would just stay in his room and look at his books. I even tried a movie, but it was no use. Once I finally let him up, he and Brendan resumed their fight of the day, “I don’t want to play with you”  Needless to say, by the time the baby got up from her nap I was frazzled.  In swoops super dad who calls on his way home and tells me to get the kids shoes on.  He walks in the door and ushers all 3 kids to the car.  Leaving me at home to cook dinner and relax for an hour in the peace and quiet.  Thanks babe, you knew just what this mommy needed!!

Diary of a mom…day 27.  I have determined that it is not meant to be a good week. Brendan has been coughing for about 3 weeks. I didn’t think much about it since Kaylee passed a cold to everyone around that time, and Matt always coughs forEVER after a cold. However, it wasn’t seeming to be getting better so I took him to the doctor today. How horrible I felt when the doctor told me Bren has pneumonia. How exactly does one miss that? Well apparently I did. The good news is, it’s not a bad case, his blood oxygen level is still good. He’s going to be on antibiotics for about 10 days and we go back for a checkup next week. Let the guilt trip begin…

Diary of a mom…day 28.  One month in the books for this stay at home mom. Today we celebrated by allowing both boys to invite friends over for a play date. They’re having a ball. Meanwhile, mom shopped around for pre-schools, trying to find one we can afford to send Cam to this fall. I had some definite sticker shock today. I thought full time day care was pricy, but when you look at what they’re charging for pre-school 3 days a week 2.5 hours per day, it is even more ridiculous.  One pre-school wanted over $700 per month (I’ll admit, that was a 5 day program)!!!!  I believe I’ve finally found one in our price range.  I just have to discuss it with the bread winner of the house to ensure he agrees.  If so, then when school starts, I’ll be down to 1 kid on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s from 8:30-11:45.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself.  🙂

Diary of a mom…day 29.  This mom learned a very valuable lesson today. NEVER give an 18 month old a push pop. It was everywhere. All over her dress, in her hair, and all over my bathroom (she was in there while I was bathing the 4 year old, who by the way wasn’t much cleaner than her). I ended up having to mop the entire bathroom, scrub the side of the tub, and the sink. Completely gross. Consider it a lesson learned. Going forward I’ll stick with pop-ice. She doesn’t make nearly the mess with those.

Diary of a mom…day 33.  Great news! Brendan is on the mend. The doctor heard a lot of improvement in his lungs at our checkup this morning. Now we just have to finish out the antibiotics and follow up if he continues to cough.  Cam is starting to get used to his glasses as well. Though he does ask to take them off at odd times like when he’s going potty.  The princess has also decided she’s too good for her booster chair. She’s a little short still, but it’s nice she can get herself up and down from the table.

Diary of a mom…day 37.  The kids went on an adventure today, and now every bone in my body aches, I sweat more than the most rigorous workout, and we’re all about to crash from being so worn out.  Oh…I’m sorry, did I forget to mention what we did? We went bowling. I know what you’re thinking, bowling isn’t really a sport, so why am I so doggone tired? Because I bowled for kaylee, all hunched over and letting her think she threw the ball.  Then wrestled with her inbetween times because she shought it was wrong that the boys got to bowl too.  Halfway through Cam got tired so I was helping him too.  Before you leave me hundreds of comments, I figured out at the very end that they have a device to help little ones roll the ball, and next time we will be utilizing that!

Diary of a mom…day 43.  This past week has been loads of fun. We got a membership to the Children’s Museum, and the kids had a ball there last weekend. I’ve got pictures I’ll post in the next few days.  We spent the holiday just hanging with a few good friends and having a relaxing day. Our relaxation was briefly interrupted by a massive water gun fight. I haven’t had that much fun since I was a teenager.  As yesterday marked the halfway point of Bren’s summer vacation, we are going out tomorrow to buy his school supplies. I’m pretty sure I’m more excited than he is. 🙂  The summer is absolutely flying by. I can’t believe school is just 41 days away…

Diary of a mom…day 50.  It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to lose count of how many days I’ve been home. Last week was so filled with activity that it’s been quite difficult for the kids and I to get back into our regular swing of things. Thank you daddy, for throwing us all out of our routine.  We’ve been feeling pretty bad for Cam as of late. Bren absolutely refuses to play with him, and there’s only so many things the princess can do that Cam finds entertaining.  So, we spend a lot of time finding friends for him to play with.  Unfortunately, the little girl next door has taken to refusing to play with Cam either.  So between her and Brendan the poor kid hears a lot of “I don’t want to play with you”  It’s so heartbreaking.  We’re hoping that when he starts preschool this fall he’ll make a few friends his age that we can invite over to play.  In the meantime, daddy is in the basement playing Batman with him.  Gotta love daddy!!!

Diary of a mom…day 56.   It’s been a busy few days in our house. We took the kids to the zoo on Saturday, went to my grandpa’s birthday party on Sunday, got Matt off on his business trip Monday, and had my brothers kids over to play yesterday. Phew, it’s just a whirlwind of activity lately. The summer is absolutely flying by. It’s really incredible that I’ve been home 8 weeks already.  There are brief moments when I wish I was still working, but for the most part I’m happier being home.  The biggest frustration these days is that the kids are tired of being each other’s main playmate.  They are both excited to start school to see their friends more regularly.  I know I’m going to get lynched for this, but 28 more days!!!!!

Diary of a mom…day 57.  Rough day for the kids. They’re all missing daddy a ton this week. Cam keeps asking when daddy will be back to play batman with him, Bren burst into tears when we called daddy tonight, and Kaylee walked to the garage door today and asked, “daddy home?”. Thank goodness he’s flying home tomorrow. Miss you babe.

Diary of a mom…day 61.  Another action packed weekend for the kiddos as we went out to a farm on Saturday. They got to pick corn straight from the field, ride in a golf cart, and a tractor. The boys were in hog heaven!! Sunday spent recuperating from our activities. A little over 3 weeks to go until school starts. Brendan is getting more excited by the day. God I love having a kid who adores school.

Diary of a mom…day 68.  For anyone who thinks being a stay at home mom is all blanket forts and popsicles think again. Yesterday and today I got a dose of the “darker” side of this job. After a long and trying day with the boys yesterday (a total of 6 separate meltdowns if my memory serves me correctly), I put the baby into the bathtub full of toys. As soon as I finish washing her, she decides that this would be the perfect time to take her daily constitutional.  So I spent the rest of my evening scrubbing bath toys, bathtub, and the baby a second time.  Then today during naptime, the 8 year old goes to the bathroom and uses over half a roll of toilet paper to clean himself.  The result is a clogged toilet and an inch of disgusting water on my bathroom floor…which he didn’t tell me about.  (his excuse was that he didn’t know where I was – Really?  I was in the same place I am EVERY nap time, in my room…)  Matt took care of the clog, and I just spent the last hour bleaching my entire bathroom.  Ugh, I think I’m going to go take another shower.

Diary of a mom…day 71.  Matt and I crashed pretty early last night, and at 10:30 were awakened to hysterical sobbing. After a brief moment of disorientation, we flipped on the lamp to find the 8 year old crying his eyes out.  He ran straight for daddy, and in a few minutes we got him calm enough to understand he had a nightmare that he lost us. Now you need to understand, poor Brendan is absolutely terrified of this. We can hardly watch Disney movies, because any that show the child being orphaned upsets him. Even Star Wars Episode 1, when Anakin left willingly got to him.  So Matt and I broke our number one never break Cardinal rule last night, we let Bren sleep with us.

Diary of a mom…day 77.  Just one week left until school starts. Brendan seems to be going back and forth between being very excited and very nervous. I laugh because he does this every year. He worries about meeting new kids and that this new grade will be too hard, then by the second day he’s got new friends and realizes this grade is just a continuation of the previous one. You’d think by 3rd grade he’d trust me when I try to convince him there’s nothing to be afraid of.  I’ll also admit to some bad parenting this week.  Kaylee has gotten to watch ALOT of blues clues.  I love to turn it on for her because she gets so excited when her favorite characters come on screen.  And the way she yells out their names is just too cute to resist.  I turn it on just to hear her shout with glee “tickey, boo, mail-bock, winkle, joe, chuvel, and pail” (that’s tickety, blue, mailbox, periwinkle, joe, shovel, and pail for those not fluent in blues clues).  I dare anyone to tell me they could resist that!

Diary of a mom…day 82.  Last week was crazy busy and this week will only get worse. Since it was the last full week of summer vacation, we spent the week doing what the boys wanted to do. My boys are really pretty easy to please. We made a trip to the children’s museum, a trip to Barnes and Noble (to play with the trains) and a whole lot of requests to play Batman. They actually played in the backyard for about an hour last night.  It’s the first time in a month they’ve been able to go out without melting.  Now this week we have open house for both boys school and Brendan’s first day is Wednesday.  Along with that, I’m currently going through physical therapy 3 days a week to try and finally fix my foot pain.  So today will be especially hectic.  I’ll start putting dinner together around 4, hand off the kids to Matt at 4:20 so I can get to therapy by 4:30.  He will finish dinner and feed the kids.  I get home around 5:20 and we need to be to school at 5:30.  Phew.  I’m tired just writing that. 

Diary of a mom…supplemental.  There will be a new food staple in my house. Raw carrots. We’ve learned that the younger two love them and ask for them whenever they see them. I bought a full pound of carrots on Saturday and between the two of them and me there is less than 1 carrot remaining, and I’ll be feeding them that for dinner.

And a third update for the day.  We just went up to school because they posted the teacher assignments today. I’m very excited about Bren’s 3rd grade year because his first grade teacher (who we absolutely adored) moved up to third grade this year and will be B’s teacher again!! Ironically when he was in first grade she had a baby and missed first quarter. Now she’s pregnant again and will miss 2nd quarter. Ah well, at least I know he will be in good hand this year.

Diary of a mom…final entry.  I got so many comments about my diary of a mom status updates, that I created a blog and I will be updating that regularly instead of posting my status here. Please go check it out!!



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